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How to ride an Arabian horse

Arabians are fantastic horses; they are extremely sensitive to all of your movements. Arabians are extremely agile and strong and have unmatchable endurance. Horse riding with an Arabian horse is very exciting and you will love every second when you know how to make the most of it.

western saddle

Make sure that the saddle fits correctly. The back of an Arabian horse is usually shorter than other breeds, if your saddle is too large it can hurt and pinch your horse. Do not use a square saddle on your Arabian horse; rounded Western saddles are much more comfortable and will allow your horse the freedom of movement he needs.


Having a well-fitted bridle is also a very important part of how to ride a horse. An Arabian horse’s head is usually smaller and shorter than other breeds; you should look for a cob sized bridle as a guide. You could also buy a fully adjustable bridle to be sure that it will fit your horse’s head correctly. Your bit should also be smaller than usual and probably no wider than four to five inches.
Horse riding – Arabian horses
  • Once your horse has been properly tacked then you can mount your Arabian horse. You should find that your horse stands strong as you mount; you will probably find Arabians easier to climb on to than other breeds. 
  • When mounted you will probably realise that your legs come down much further but this is perfectly ok. 
  • Riding an Arabian is very different to other horses. The larger the horse the earlier you can anticipate its movements. Arabians are small quick and agile, you will not be able to feel the horse’s movements before he makes them. You must be alert and ready to act. 
  • You must be incredibly aware of your body language when horse riding. Arabians will sense the smallest of movements so be clear with your instructions. 
  • Arabian horses are alert and will walk with a long step; you will never see an Arabian half asleep they are always up for an adventure. 
  • You must be careful with your cues as Arabian horses are very sensitive, you will need to keep your nerves in check as they will sense it. Think positive thoughts and enjoy the ride. 
  • You will find that the trot is choppy but the canter is fantastic. If you are confident enough to gallop an Arabian then you will experience one of the best thrills of your life. 
  • Arabian horses were bred for war and companionship not as work horses. Arabians are therefore very tuned in to their surroundings and you will gain a lot by riding and understanding your horse.
Tips and warnings
  • Arabian horses are fast, so make sure you wear the correct safety equipment in case of a fall. 
  • Have horse riding lessons if you are a beginner. 
  • Treat the riding stables with respect and remember to keep the stables clean.
  • Having an Arabian horse is a big commitment. They need lots of exercise and will need to be groomed regularly. 
  • Have a vet and farrier to frequently check over your horse.