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If you’re a horse owner, you probably already know the basics when it comes to equipping your horsebox or trailer. However, there are a few accessories that can make your life easier, and your horse’s life safer and more comfortable, so in this post, we’ll take a look at four of the best!  


LivestockEye Box Cam

Travelling with your horse can be a stressful process, especially when you can’t see them! But we’ve found the peace of mind a camera brings has hugely reduced our worries. It leaves us safe in the knowledge that we could spot an issue straight away and be able to pull over safely to address it.

The wireless LivestockEye Box Cam allows you to do exactly that, and is a great choice when it comes to finding an affordable horsebox and trailer cam that doesn’t scrimp on the features!

This camera really does make monitoring your horse as easy as possible! It can be connected directly to your phone using the WiFi signal emitted by the camera itself, meaning you can rely on it in any location, however remote, as there’s no need for an external WiFi source of any kind, or even phone signal. It can transmit the live footage across a distance of up to 15 metres, so it’s even suitable for use in large lorries.

Installation is incredibly easy; the camera has a very strong magnetic base, so can simply be attached using the magnet if there’s any suitable metalwork, otherwise you can use the self-adhesive velcro mount that comes with it.

It’s got a great battery life of about 6 hours per full charge, so long journeys won’t be a problem. Plus, the fact it has a wide angle lens and is capable of filming in night vision at up to 10 metres means it’s basically ideal for use in any vehicle, and any situation!

Check out the LivestockEye Box Cam here >  


Premium 600 Tack Locker

There’s nothing like a good tack locker to ensure all your essentials are kept organised and in good condition while you’re on the road, at a competition or just in and around the stables, and this mid-range Premium 600 tack locker is the perfect size for any seasoned rider.

With a huge array of options to choose from it really gives you flexibility in terms of what additional storage features you’d like; variations include up to 5 drawers, 3 shelves, or space for 4 saddles, or almost any combination of the three!

As well as being great for organisational purposes, these tack lockers are also fantastic at protecting your tack from damage during travel. Each tack locker has a strong, welded aluminium base, and can be purchased complete with puncture proof tyres.

The options available for tailoring this tack locker to your specifications, and the ability to have it personalised with your own company logo, make it a great purchase for riders of any level… we swear by ours!

See all the options available for the Premium 600 here >  


Fiamma Turbo Roof Vent 400

With plenty of competitions taking place during the summer, and the temptation of sunny outings with your horse, travelling them in the heat can be a source of worry.

Our equine friends actually heat up 10 times faster than humans, so they also produce a lot of heat themselves, further contributing to the temperature inside the horsebox or trailer. When the conditions are such that a horse is unable to cool themselves down by sweating, they can develop heat exhaustion/stress, which can be life-threatening. So keeping them cool on the journey really is essential… especially when you might have to face a long wait in traffic.

Open windows can only really do so much on a hot day, and based on the fact that hot air rises, the ideal solution is a built-in horsebox/trailer roof vent, to ensure the hot air can escape, and the air inside is kept cool and circulated.

The Fiamma Turbo Roof Vent 400 is a personal favourite of ours, and it seems of many others’, as it sold out very quickly this summer! Not only does it provide extra ventilation, but it changes and refreshes the air inside the vehicle in a matter of seconds!

It’s packed with a range of handy features, including an aerodynamic cover, a supportive central arm to provide stability against wind when travelling with the cover open, and most importantly, a Polar Control thermostat, allowing you to take full control over the temperature and airflow inside the vehicle.

Considering the effectiveness of this roof fan/vent, we think it’s a bit of a steal! So don’t wait for another sell-out - get yours now ahead of time to avoid disappointment!

Discover all the features of the Fiamma Turbo Roof Vent 400 here >  


Parkit360 Force 

Like most equestrians, when it comes to parking our trailers, we seem to be in a constant battle against the space available… Naturally, we all want to make the most of the space we have at home, so the team at Horsemart can quite regularly be seen literally pushing our trailers into our respective tight spaces! I know, we’ve all been there.

Enter the Parkit360 Force! This handy little trailer dolly can park it for you, and in places you’d never be able to tow it! It’s incredibly easy to use, compatible with almost every trailer type straight out of the box, and takes all the hassle out of parking your trailer in any tight spot.

Using the Force (Star Wars pun intended!) is as simple as switching it into neutral mode, effortlessly wheeling it to your trailer, engaging the motor and connecting the hitch, and then using the forward/reverse toggle switch to steer it. You face the trailer as you park it, so a massive benefit is being able to see where it is at all times, in a way you never could whilst towing. It has 2 speed settings, so you can choose between parking your trailer faster when you're tight on time, and slower (and more precisely) when you’re tight on space!

The Parkit360 Force is conveniently sized for transporting in a 4x4, and is able to tackle your parking woes on all types of surface, from grass to asphalt and gravel.

So save yourself the hassle, and invest in one of these handy trailer dollies, to make future parking a breeze!

Check out the Parkit360 Force here >


Genevieve de Lande Long - Horsemart
Horsemart Marketing Team
Published on 11-10-2022
Genevieve is the marketing manager for Horsemart. She'll keep you up to date with all the latest industry news and provide you with helpful guides and advice.