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The Ultimate Equestrian Christmas Gift Guide 2023: Unwrap Joy for Horse Lovers!

Searching for the perfect Christmas gift for the horse enthusiast in your life? Look no further! Our comprehensive Equestrian Christmas Gift Guide is here to help you sleigh the holiday season with thoughtful and practical presents for horse lovers of all levels. From innovative stable tools to riding essentials and delightful accessories, discover a curated selection sure to gallop into the hearts of riders and their equine companions. Embrace the spirit of giving with our handpicked collection, making this holiday season merry and bright for both horse and rider.
For an easier way to find what you're looking for, we've broken down our gift ideas by budget and intended recipient. Simply use the filters below or browse the guide in full to get a full picture of what's out there this Christmas.
Stocking fillers - £25 & Under


Gifts - £50 & under


Gifts - £100 & under


Gifts - £250 & under


Gifts - £250 & over

For the Rider


Under £25:


HY Equestrian Thelwell Collection "Don't Look" Cushion

Embrace the whimsical spirit of the equestrian world with this charming Thelwell Collection cushion. Featuring the iconic Thelwell artwork, this cushion adds a touch of character to any equestrian lover's home. With its cosy feel and delightful design, it’s a perfect Christmas gift to brighten up their living space and bring a smile to their face daily.
RRP: £11.95

Dogs & Horses Belt Bag Slide-On Water Bottle Holder

For the stylish equestrian on the go, this slide-on water bottle holder from Dogs & Horses is a game-changer. Crafted for convenience and elegance, it effortlessly attaches to your belt bag, ensuring hydration is always at arm’s reach during rides or walks. It's a thoughtful and practical gift for those who appreciate functionality fused with style.
RRP: £20

The Equine Shed Ladies Thermal Long Knee-High Socks

Winter rides just got cosier with these thermal knee-high socks from The Equine Shed. Engineered for warmth and comfort, these socks keep feet snug and dry, making them an ideal present for any rider battling the chill. Give the gift of warmth this Christmas and keep their feet toasty on every ride.
RRP: £13.50 Sale price: £10
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Under £50:


Charles Owen Helmet Laptop Backpack

Elevate your style and convenience with this innovative backpack from Charles Owen. Engineered to seamlessly carry your helmet and laptop, this backpack merges functionality with fashion. Ideal for the equestrian on the move, it’s a superb Christmas gift for those who prioritise both safety and tech-savvy organisation in their equestrian pursuits. Add embroidery for a personal touch.
RRP: £40 - £48

Equi-Light Beanies & Headbands

Embrace winter with style using Equi-Light's range of beanies and headbands. Crafted for both practicality and fashion, these accessories are perfect for riders seeking comfort during the winter whilst also being able to see clearly in the dark. Whether opting for the snug beanies or chic headbands, gift them the joy of staying warm while expressing their equestrian flair this Christmas. Available in a variety of colours.
RRP: £27.99 - £35

LBC Unisex Green Non-Slip Boots

From stable chores to outdoor adventures, these boots from LBC offer durability and functionality. With their non-slip design and unisex fit, they're an ideal Christmas present for any equestrian seeking reliable footwear for various activities. Ensure safety, comfort, and style for your loved ones with these versatile boots.
RRP: £49.99

Under £100:


Aztec Diamond Black CR FS Leggings

Elevate your riding wardrobe with Aztec Diamond's sleek and comfortable leggings. Crafted for performance and style, these leggings offer a perfect blend of functionality and fashion. A fantastic Christmas gift for the fashion-forward rider seeking both comfort and elegance in their equestrian attire. Available in multiple colours.
RRP: £60

Brogini Casperia V2 Plain Front Riding Boots

For riders seeking exceptional comfort and style, Brogini's Casperia V2 boots are a top-notch choice. With their classic design and superior quality, these boots offer durability and affordability. This Christmas, gift the equestrian in your life footwear that embodies both sophistication and functionality.Sizes UK3 - UK11 available
RRP: £120 Sale Price £96

CT Elastic Belts for Women & Men

Complete any riding ensemble with these stylish elastic belts from Royale Equestrian. Designed for both men and women, these belts offer comfort and flexibility without compromising on style. A perfect Christmas present to add that finishing touch to any equestrian's outfit, providing both practicality and fashion-forward finesse.

Under £250:


Charles Owen Kylo Helmet

The latest addition to the fantastic range of Charles Owen helmets, experience top-tier safety and style with the Charles Owen Kylo Helmet. Its innovative design blends cutting-edge MIPS technology with a sleek, modern look. A fantastic Christmas gift for riders valuing both safety and a sophisticated appearance in their gear.
RRP: £128 - £160

EquiDry Pro Ride Evolution Reflective Royal Blue Jacket

Gift the ultimate riding experience with EquiDry’s Pro Ride Evolution Reflective Jacket. Crafted for comfort and visibility, this jacket ensures safety and style during rides, especially in low-light conditions. A thoughtful Christmas present for riders desiring both safety and aesthetically pleasing riding attire.
RRP: £179

MDC Stirrups

Elevate your riding experience with MDC Stirrups, known for their comfort and performance. Engineered for improved leg position and shock absorption, these stirrups are offered with either an 'S' bar top, allowing riders to have their stirrup set at a 45° angle when riding, or a customisable experience with its rotating top, which gives you the option of a normal stirrup, 45°, or 90° angle. Either way, you can ensure a secure and comfortable ride. A remarkable Christmas gift for riders seeking top-quality equipment to enhance their riding.
RRP: £156 - £179

Over £250:


RaceSafe Motion3 Adult Body Protector

Give the gift of safety this Christmas with RaceSafe's Motion3 Body Protector. Combining comfort and high-level protection, this body protector ensures riders feel secure during every ride. It's a thoughtful present for riders prioritising safety without compromising on motion and comfort.
RRP: £297 - £317

Arc4Health Complete Kit

Enhance your well-being with the Arc4Health Complete Kit. Innovative microcurrent therapy is an advanced, non-invasive method designed to aid in recovery, reducing soreness and promoting healing. A unique and beneficial Christmas gift for any equestrian, athlete, or average Joe keen on improving their health and performance.
RRP: £299

Equiline Competition Jacket

Elevate your show wardrobe with Equiline's Competition Jackets. Designed for elegance and performance, these jackets offer a sleek and tailored look for riders in the ring. A perfect Christmas gift for riders seeking the 'wow factor' in their competition attire without losing comfort or performance.

For the Horse


Under £25:


Absorbine ShowSheen Miracle Groom

Unveil the magic of grooming with Absorbine's ShowSheen Miracle Groom. This all-in-one grooming solution cleans, conditions, and detangles effortlessly, leaving your horse's coat shiny and smooth. A perfect Christmas gift for any equestrian seeking efficiency and brilliance when grooming.
RRP: 17.55 

Likit Starter Kit

Treat your equine friend to entertainment and flavour with the Likit Starter Kit. This kit offers a range of tasty Likit treats and toys to keep horses engaged and happy. A delightful Christmas gift that brings joy to your horse when stabled or being rewarded with treats
RRP: £19.95

Absorbine ShowSheen Hair Polish & Detangler

Elevate your horse's beauty regimen with Absorbine's ShowSheen Hair Polish & Detangler. This grooming essential not only adds a brilliant shine but also detangles the mane and tail effortlessly. A thoughtful Christmas gift for riders aiming to keep their horse's mane & tails lustrous and manageable with ease.
RRP: £15.95

Under £50:


The Supreme Products Pro Groom Rain Sheet

Prepare for unpredictable weather at shows with the Pro Groom Rain Sheet from Supreme Products. This sheet provides reliable protection against rain and drizzle while keeping your horse's coat and saddle dry and clean. A thoughtful Christmas gift for riders who are out braving the Great British weather conditions at shows all year round.
RRP:£64.99 Sale Price: £49.99

PolyPads Classic Polypad

Improve your saddle pad range with PolyPads' Classic Polypad. Designed for superior cushioning and breathability, this pad ensures optimal comfort during rides. A fantastic Christmas gift for any rider who's got as many saddle pads as they have rugs and love to colour coordinate. A variety of pad and binding colours are available to choose from, mix and match at will! Don't forget to add a personal touch with the embroidery service...
RRP: £37.99 - £48.99

The Equine Shed King Turnout 350g Rug

Embrace the winter season with The Equine Shed's King Turnout Rug. This 350g rug offers superior warmth and protection against the chill, ensuring your horse stays snug and comfortable. A wonderful Christmas gift to safeguard your equine companion from the cold while they enjoy their time grazing.
RRP: £48 Sale price £38.50

Under £100:


The Cryochaps Exoskeleton Tendon Boots

Gift your equine companion the ultimate tendon protection and support with Cryochaps' Exoskeleton Boots. These innovative boots offer superior breathability, aiding in post-workout recovery and reducing the risk of injury, as well as a strong, lightweight structure. A thoughtful Christmas present for any rider who jumps their horse and wants to keep them comfortable and performing at their best.
RRP: £85

Stübben Streamline Saddle Pads

Enhance your horse's riding experience with Stübben's Streamline Saddle Pad, with options for dressage and jumping available. These pads offer excellent textile quality whilst boasting a patented 3Spine system that keeps the saddle pad up in the gullet to ensure full clearance for breathability and to ensure no pressure points. A perfect Christmas gift for riders seeking premium-quality saddle pads to complement their riding discipline.
RRP: £79

ProLite Adjustable Tri-Riser Pad

Aid your saddle fit with the ProLite Adjustable Tri-Riser Pad. Engineered for customisable support with six pockets for shims, this thin, wide-based pad helps with the comfort and balance of your saddle for your horse's back as they change shape throughout the year. A thoughtful Christmas gift for riders aiming to maintain a well-fitted saddle and their horse's back health.
RRP: £73 

Under £250:


Finer Equine Hi-Vis Ride-On Exercise Sheet

Ensure safety and visibility during winter rides with Fine Equine’s Hi-Vis Ride-On Exercise Sheet. Designed for comfort and enhanced visibility, this sheet keeps both horse and rider visible in low-light conditions, in addition to keeping the horse warm. An ideal Christmas gift for riders who like to hack out all year round and wish to be as safe as possible without compromising on style.
RRP: £160

Cryochaps K2F Equine Ice Boots

Treat your horse to post-workout relief with the Cryochaps Ice Boots. These innovative wraps provide targeted cooling therapy, aiding in reducing swelling and soreness after exercise and during injury rehab. A remarkable Christmas gift for horse owners who have a fragile horse or who want to reduce the chance of their horse becoming so.
Full set RRP: £174.50 (also available as singular boots or pairs)

ReinRite Sport

Improve your horse's back and hindquarters engagement with the ReinRite Sport. This unique training aid assists in achieving a correct outline by helping to build topline and relax the horse during work, be it schooling or jumping. A fantastic Christmas gift for riders looking to progress with their horse.
RRP: €185

Over £250:


ArcEquine Complete Kit

Revolutionise your horse's recovery with ArcEquine's Complete Kit. This innovative technology aids in promoting healing and reducing pain through microcurrent therapy. It's perfect for post-exercise or injury recovery, whether you have a top equine athlete or an easy-going happy hacker. An amazing Christmas gift for horse owners dedicated to their equine partner's wellbeing and performance.
RRP: £299

Equilibrium Massage Pad with HeatSense

Pamper your horse with Equilibrium's Massage Pad featuring HeatSense technology. This pad offers therapeutic massage and customisable heat therapy, providing relaxation and muscle relief. A perfect Christmas gift for horse owners who live for their horse's comfort and well-being. Whether it's for after workouts or general use during the colder months, all horses will appreciate this one!
RRP: £529

Liveryman Black Beauty Mains Clippers

Give your horse the gift of a 'fresh trim' with Liveryman's Black Beauty Mains Clippers. These clippers are a must-have for any horse owner looking for a reliable, high-performance grooming tool to keep the thick, dull winter coats at bay. A great Christmas present for those regularly clipping horses throughout the year.
RRP: £377.50

For Children


Under £25:


Crafty Ponies Soft Toy

Introduce young equestrians to the world of horses with Crafty Ponies' Soft Toy range. This educational toy offers interactive learning about grooming and tacking up, fostering a love for horses from an early age. A delightful Christmas gift for budding young horse enthusiasts, combining fun and education.
RRP: £25

Racing Stripes DVD

Dive into a heartwarming equine adventure with the Racing Stripes DVD. This movie, featuring Hayden Panettiere, is a perfect Christmas gift to inspire and entertain the kids. Join in on the spirited journey of a zebra following its dreams of becoming a racehorse, whilst offering a story of hope, courage, and the bond between a young girl and her stead.
RRP: £4.97

Thelwell Collection Race Complete Grooming Kit Rucksack

Gift the joy of grooming with the Thelwell Collection Race Grooming Kit Rucksack. Packed with essential grooming tools adorned with iconic Thelwell artwork, this kit offers both functionality and charm. A delightful Christmas present for any young equestrian passionate about grooming and the beloved Thelwell illustrations.
RRP: £23.99 Sale price - £11.99

Under £50:


Black Heart Equestrian Junior Flex Riding Leggings

Elevate young riders’ style and comfort with Black Heart Equestrian's Junior Flex Riding Leggings. Designed for both functionality and fashion, these leggings offer durability and a sleek look. They're also acvailable in 14 colourways! A fantastic Christmas gift for young equestrians keen on riding in style and comfort.
RRP: £35

Aztec Diamond Black Young Rider Puffer Jacket

Embrace winter adventures with the Aztec Diamond Young Rider Puffer Jacket. This stylish and cosy jacket keeps young riders warm during chilly rides or outdoor activities. A thoughtful Christmas gift for young equestrians who are out and about on the yard and riding during the colder months.
RRP: £80 Sale Price: £60

Hunter Boots Original Kids Wellington Boots

Ensure young riders stay dry and stylish with Hunter Boots’ Original Wellingtons for kids. These boots offer waterproof protection and durability, making them perfect for outdoor adventures. A wonderful Christmas gift for kids who love to explore and stay comfortable in any weather.
RRP: £45 - £50

Under £100:


Crafty Ponies Rug Starter Set

Introduce young equestrians to the world of caring for their pony with Crafty Ponies’ Rug Starter Set. Aside from the choice of colour with both horse and rug & leg wrap set, this kit includes a passport as well as a 'build your own' stable with full instructions. A perfect Christmas gift to nurture the dream of aspiring horse enthusiasts.
RRP: £55

Shires Tikaboo 200 Combo Turnout Rug

Keep horses cosy and protected this winter whilst making the kids' pony look like it's been gift-wrapped with the Shires’ Tikaboo 200 Combo Turnout Rug. Offering warmth and durability, this rug ensures horses stay comfortable during cold weather. A great Christmas gift for young horse owners to have both a unique yet functional rug for their pony.
RRP: £71.99

Rhinegold Child's Elite Luxus Soft Luxury Leather Riding Boots

Elevate young riders' comfort and style with Rhinegold’s Elite Luxus Leather Riding Boots. These boots offer both elegance and functionality, providing young riders with a boot suitable for both competition and everyday use. An ideal Christmas gift for young equestrians who are out riding plenty.
RRP: £89.95 Sale price £71.95

Under £250:


LeMieux Mini Rider Complete Bundle

Inspire young riders with the LeMieux Mini Rider Complete Bundle. This set includes a hat silk, a base layer, a mid-layer fleece, and pull-on breeches, which is everything a young equestrian needs for a stylish and comfortable ride. A fantastic gift that combines quality and charm to delight budding young horse riders this Christmas.
RRP: £117.80 - £127.80

Equiline Children's Competition Jacket

Elevate young riders’ show wardrobe with the Equiline Children's Competition Jacket. Crafted for elegance and performance, this jacket ensures a sophisticated and polished look in the show ring. A thoughtful Christmas gift for young riders aiming to shine in their competitions.
RRP: £175

Equiline Children's Breeches

Treat young riders to top-quality comfort and style with Equiline's Children's Breeches. These breeches offer a blend of functionality and fashion, perfect for young equestrians seeking comfort and a sleek look during rides, particularly at competitions. A wonderful Christmas gift to ensure comfort and style in the saddle for young riders.
RRP: £110

Over £250:


A Lead Rein/First Ridden Pony

Could this Christmas be the time to introduce the joy of owning a horse with a Lead Rein or First Ridden pony? These ponies have been trained to offer young riders a safe and enjoyable introduction to the equestrian world, whilst also being a suitable size. An unbelievable Christmas gift to start a lifelong love for horses while starting with a suitable companion. Please remember, a pony isn't just for Christmas. Their care is an everyday responsibility!

Ridely Training App

Give the gift of knowledge this Christmas with the Ridely Pro lifetime membership. The membership allows you access to top some of the best horsemen and women in the world at the click of a button to ensure you are always learning from the best. A unique and ever-evolving Christmas present perfect to help young riders through their equestrian development.
Lifetime membership - £349 (Shorter term packages available)

Rockinghorse Medium Garrowby Rocking Horse

Nurture a love for horses from an early age with the Medium Garrowby Rocking Horse. This beautifully crafted and charming toy offers children an imaginative equestrian adventure at home. A perfect Christmas gift that sparks joy and imagination while celebrating the love for horses.
RRP: £2,700 Sale Price: £2,100

Other Equestrian Equipment


Under £25:


Moorland Rider Horsewear Wash Bag

Simplify laundry days with the Moorland Rider Horsewear Wash Bag. This cleverly designed bag protects delicate horsewear in the wash, ensuring it comes out clean and intact. A practical Christmas gift for horse owners, making laundry hassle-free while preserving the quality of their horse gear and their washing machine.
RRP: £18.95

H2Go Bag

Lugging water trugs to the field is a pain! Make life easier with the H2Go Bag. It's designed to fit in your wheelbarrow and filled up with water, carrying up to 80 litres. It's also easy enough to empty, just unscrew the lid and tip. Another practical gift for equestrians this Christmas
RRP: £13

Under £50:


LeMieux Rug Hanging Rack

Keep the tack room tidy and organised with LeMieux's Rug Hanging Rack. This rack provides a smart and efficient solution for storing rugs and other gear, maximising space and efficiency. A fantastic Christmas gift for horse owners, ensuring their equipment stays neat and in top condition.
RRP: £49.95

The Broomraker

Embrace versatility with the ultimate 2-in-1-yard tool, the Broomraker. This innovative piece of equipment is a game-changer as you can now sweep and scrape with the same gadget, simplifying cleaning tasks and increasing efficiency. An ideal Christmas gift for those who are always in a rush or have plenty of horses to look after.
RRP: £29.95

Under £100:


Perry Saddle and Tack Trolley

Streamline stable management with the Perry Trolley. This convenient trolley is a real asset for organising and transporting saddles and tack, ensuring efficiency and ease in a busy yard environment. A thoughtful Christmas gift that is convenient and user-friendly for horse owners and yard managers.

Herbies Yard Supplies Swedish Shavings Fork

Upgrade stable maintenance with the Swedish Shavings Fork. This durable and efficient tool makes mucking out quicker through its large, bucket-shaped head, meaning you're not having to go to and from the wheelbarrow as much. It's also easier to use via its ergonomic and lightweight design, which means less shoulder or wrist pains! A superb Christmas gift for horse owners looking for a more efficient and effortless stable routine.
RRP: £67.50

Under £250:


Trailer Vision Equi-Vue2 Plus

Give safety and peace of mind this Christmas with the Equi-Vue2 Plus from Trailer Vision. This innovative wireless camera system ensures clear visibility when transporting horses in either a horsebox or trailer. In turn, it enhances safety on the road. A thoughtful gift this year for horse owners who have their own means of equine transport.
RRP: £199.99

Estate to Garden Giant 200-Litre Wheelbarrow

Streamline yard work with the Estate to Garden Giant Wheelbarrow. Its generous capacity of 200 litres and sturdy design makes it perfect for reducing the number of trips to the muckheap or haybarn. A fantastic yet practical Christmas gift for horse owners to help reduce time spent doing yard chores.
RRP: £235

Over £250:


Singular 8ft x 4ft Arena Mirror

Transform any riding space with Mirrors for Training precision-engineered arena mirror. This durable, high-quality mirror enhances training sessions by providing clear visibility for riders, making it an ideal Christmas gift for those passionate about improving their riding skills and creating an optimum training environment.
RRP: £395

Tack Store Compact Mini Tack Locker

The Compact Mini from Tack Store is a versatile and efficient tack storage solution. Its compact design makes it perfect for organising tack and other riding equipment, enhancing convenience at the yard or at shows. A remarkable Christmas gift for horse owners seeking a practical and space-saving storage solution.
RRP: £990 - £1,320
Team Horsemart
Published on 29-11-2023