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Gili Horses
Gili Horses
Author: Ashleigh Sanderson is a riding coach who travels internationally full time.  Part coach, part nomad, part thrill seeker, always looking for new ways to explain the principles of ethical, logical and horse friendly riding and horse care.  Her website is, coming from the Malay and Indonesian languages and so reflecting the amount of time she spends in Asia.  Kuda meaning horse, and guru meaning teacher. Although initially this was a nickname given by the local staff, she has turned the meaning around a little, thinking of it as, “Your horse is your teacher, I just translate”.   The Gili’s are three
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Almost 2 Horses A Week Are Killed On Britain’s Roads
Almost 2 Horses A Week Are Killed On Britain’s Roads
The latest statistics from the British Horse Society (BHS) show that almost two horses a week are being killed on Britain’s busy roads. More and more incidents involving horses are being recorded each year. In the last year, more than 845 incidents were reported to the BHS’s incident website involving horses. Unfortunaly some lives have been lost among the incidents reported. Four people have died and 115 were injured and a larger 87 horses sadly lost their lives and 117 injured. Although the objective of new partnerships with the Dartmoor Livestock Protection Society and the verderers of the New Forest is to
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