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Which Hoof Treatment Is Best?
A few weeks ago, we decided to start an experiment with hoof dressings. We had seen a lot about how no topical treatments should be used on hooves and, if anything, water could be used in the dry months to keep the hoof moist. This is because great hoof growth comes from within and is dependent on a good diet, this we absolutely will not dispute! But while great hoof growth comes from within, is there anything we can do from the outside to help keep our horses’ feet healthy? We believe that the answer is yes after our experiment. We used one
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Who are Hoofprints Miniature Haven ?
We have been rescuing ponies and other animals for over 25 years but decided to register as charity to show we were trustworthy and transparent. We are "Hoofprints Miniature Haven" and we registered as a C.I.O. with the charity commission in July 2018 after a long consultation with CC as any charity working with animals or children or vulnerable adults needs to meet strict criteria. We rescue any animals (except cats/dogs) but mainly miniature ponies.  We concentrate on animals with health, behavioural or veteran issues as these are the most neglected and forgotten animals due to their high care and health requirements. We try to rehabilitate and rehome
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Impulsion is power
Transcript: So I'm here in Bali and I've managed to escape the arena for a few minutes and I’ve come down to the local beach and this place is called Echo Beach and if you are into surfing the name Echo Beach will be very familiar as Echo Beach is one of the world's most famous surfing destinations and a lot of the world championships and the big events are held here. The reason I'm here today, I'm actually coming to have lunch that coconut shack there which is literally a shack made of coconut shells, but something in my lesson
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