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Exercises To Help Balance - Edward Chitty
Exercises To Help Balance - Edward Chitty
This time I’ve decided to design an adaptable exercise which can be beneficial when jumping to help with balance. This layout is great as you don’t need a huge arena and you can do numerous exercises without changing the design. (Please see the 3 below) This exercise can help improve balance and consistency in striding/rhythm. Ride as shown over the green line. Ensure before riding that you know the strides in between each fence and that you keep to them on each attempt. When riding concentrate on the bend and balance between each fence. If you want more of a challenge you
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Manhunt Launched To Find Who Is Responsible For Acid Attack On Horses
Manhunt Launched To Find Who Is Responsible For Acid Attack On Horses
Two horses were left with burnt hair and flesh after they were attacked with acid in Sawtry. A manhunt has now been launched to find who is responsible for this attack. Cambridgeshire police have issued an appeal for information after they found that the horses had a corrosive substance thrown onto their chests. The officers who cover the area on duty have issued an appeal on e-cops which said: "Two horses have been attacked this week and have been badly burned by having a caustic substance thrown at them. The vets are currently investigating what the substance is. If you have information
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