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What Horses Can and Can’t Eat
What Horses Can and Can’t Eat
With summer now here horse owners love to give their four legged friends a cooling treat, but it’s important to know which treats are good for your horse. When feeding your horse it’s always best to stick to a regular feeding routine and for your horse’s diet to consist mainly of grass or hay. It’s okay to give your horse a treat now and again, whether it’s praise for good work or just a cooling treat in the summer. People may feed their horse treats that they don’t realise are harmful for them. There are also some foods that may
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Armageddon Disease Threatens To Wipe Out Hundreds Of British Horses
Armageddon Disease Threatens To Wipe Out Hundreds Of British Horses
A disease described as the armageddon of animal infections could wipe out hundreds of British horses given its fatality rate coupled with the fact that there is no current effective vaccine.   The insects which spread African Horse Sickness, also known as AHS have already entered the UK. There have already been outbreaks of bluetongue present in sheep, which is closely related to the AHS virus. With the temperature on the rise in the UK and the lack of biosecurity measures when importing animals there is a risk that the disease could reach the UK. The British Horse Society (BHS) has warned
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