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The 3.5 Tonne Horsebox: A Buyer's Guide
The 3.5 Tonne Horsebox: A Buyer's Guide
We’ve had more people than ever buying and selling 3.5 tonne horseboxes on We’ve taken a look at some of the best on the market, and answered some of the most popular questions. It’s unsurprising that these small, convenient lorries have rocketed in popularity in recent years. Not only can you drive a 3.5 tonne lorry on a standard car licence, but they also add a bit of luxury to days at shows, with their living space and features. More importantly, it’s thought that they give a smoother ride for the horses, making their experience comfortable and safe. Travelling time is often
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Horse dies after another firework scare
Horse dies after another firework scare
  In a follow up to our recent story on fireworks that caused serious harm to a frightened horse, we’ve learned the awful news that a horse has died this week, after being dreadfully shocked by a fireworks display that was held more than a week after Bonfire night.   The horse, known as Solo, lived in Bishopston, Swansea and was owned by 57 year old Fiona Hohmann. She and Solo had been partners for almost 5 years and has shared some distressing images of him to spread awareness of the danger that fireworks can cause. Not only did the display take
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