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Loaning A Horse Successfully - Loanee 'Do's And Don'ts' For Making It Work
While the option of loaning a horse – rather than buying – is often dismissed as a risky endeavour, with the right guidance, loaning or part loaning/sharing a horse can be a great opportunity for all three parties; the owner, the loanee and the horse itself. I started out my equestrian journey by loaning my little Welsh pony, Buster – who is actually still living with me after we made him a permanent part of the family many years ago – and I have been loaning two ex-racehorses, Jake and Tarra, for quite a few months now (you can meet them
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LiveryList, The UK's #1 Livery Yard Directory, Turns 10!
What an achievement… LiveryList turns 10! Originally created in 2011 by Cheryl Johns, upon the inability to find suitable livery for her own young mare, LiveryList has since become the UK’s largest livery yard directory and yard owner resource. Cheryl is an experienced and qualified yard manager with a background in marketing, and LiveryList offers horse owners and yard owners an awful lot more than simply advertising livery space. The site was set up with one mission; to solve the issue with online livery yard adverts being outdated, or cribbed from other sites with incorrect or out-of-date information. Even now, many of the yards
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Flying & Tempi Changes Tutorial With Sarah Williams
So here's a little mini tutorial on tempi changes, or just single flying changes. This is Bella; she is not secure in any way, shape or form with her changes and has only really just started them in the last couple of months. I like to start with a horse that is in a balanced canter; the horse can go trot, canter, canter, trot, canter, from one leg to the other quite easily, in a nice, balanced, easy way to the contact. So everything that’s been on my Yonder Farm Friends And Connect Equestrian Q&A + Tutorials Facebook group must be in
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Book Review: How Good Riders Get Good By Denny Emerson
5 stars, a ‘should read’ for all equestrians! I’ve finally read this cover to cover rather than dipping in and out, and boy I wish I hadn’t waited so long, although it was worth the wait! I feel I’ve got to know Denny’s ‘voice’ from his blogging on Tamarack Hill Farm, and I love his unflinching ability to say it as he sees it, which is generally pretty accurate! I would go so far as to say this is a ‘should read’ for any equestrian trying to get to any level. For starters, this is not a book for someone who wants
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