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Improve the way you feed your horse
Improve the way you feed your horse
  The evolution of the Forager Slow Feeder   The Haygain Forager Slow Feeder was developed after research carried out by equine nutritionist Dr Andrea Ellis found that horses generally had finished their nighttime ration of forage by midnight, meaning they’d sometimes wait at least 8 hours before they were fed again.   The result is that horses show signs of aggression and upset when feeding time came around each morning. It’s well documented that a horse need only go 4 hours with an empty stomach before it’s chances of developing equine gastric ulcer syndrome (EGUS) increase.   The realisation that a product was needed
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Sky lanterns Banned From Radio 1’s Big Weekend to Ensure Safety of Animals
Sky lanterns Banned From Radio 1’s Big Weekend to Ensure Safety of Animals
Festival goers were banned from entering Radio 1’s Big Weekend with sky lanterns and balloons. A prohibited list of items was released before Radio 1’s Big Weekend was due to take place on 26th & 27th May. The list included balloons and sky lanterns which the RSPCA was more than happy to hear. RSPCA wildlife expert Llewelyn Lowen said the decision to ban balloons and sky lanterns from the venue was “really positive news”. “It was a cause for celebration recently when Wales’ council land became a no-fly zone for dangerous sky lanterns — so it’s great news to see Radio 1 reminding attendees
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