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Hat Reviews - Edward Chitty
Hat Reviews - Edward Chitty
Hi again, This time I’m going to review two of my favourite riding hat’s available at the moment. My first helmet is the Jin Stirrups Cap Color Helmet: I’ve had this helmet for over 4 months and can only say it has been great. The unique design always gets lots of comments and not only does it look smarts it’s also really practical. It’s super lightweight and comes with a handy bag to carry it around in, the lightweight nature of the helmet was one of the main reasons I was drawn to it. I travel quite a lot while riding
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A Sport Where Skiing And Horse Riding Worlds Collide
A Sport Where Skiing And Horse Riding Worlds Collide
Horse riding and skiing can both be seen as extreme sports and they don’t usually go together, but, in Bellevue they do… Skijoring is a fast sport where skiers are pulled along by horses. "Skijoring, this is a great sport," said Rick Farnsworth, a rider from Bozeman, MT. Whilst the skiers are being pulled along their aim is to complete a course of gates, jumps and hoops as fast as they can. "I’ve heard it’s totally crazy and fast but we’re excited. We like horses. We like skiing,” said Emily Zell, Hailey, ID “Iseen it in Bozeman four years ago and I've always been a
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