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Finding A Winter Proof Livery Yard
Finding A Winter Proof Livery Yard
The winter months bring with them cold, wet and mud. Not the ideal conditions to try to care for horses, especially if your yard isn’t well-equipped to deal with such weather. Many horse owners seek new livery arrangements in the autumn- with October and November being the busiest time for vacancy searches on the LiveryList site. Sadly, many horse owners also move again in the spring having found their winter stabling has not lived up to their expectations. With many of the opinion that ‘grass is always greener’… is this true when the grass is replaced by mud!?   If you’re looking to
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Woman Files For A Divorce After Her Husband Asked Her To Get Rid Of Her Horse
Woman Files For A Divorce After Her Husband Asked Her To Get Rid Of Her Horse
For all horse owners, our fourlegged friends are a huge part of our lives and life without them just wouldn't be the same. Our horses are our friends and a lot of owners see them as one of the family. One amateur rider called Therese Nery loves her horse so much that she spends almost all of her spare time with him. For Therese, her husband asking her to get rid of her horse was the final straw in their marriage. Her story is told in these words ‘I chose my horse over my husband’. There are often many reasons why a married
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