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Obesity In Horses - How To Tell If Your Horse Is Overweight & Help Them Lose The Pounds!
Yes, we know, obesity in horses and the health problems it can lead to have been talked about extensively in the horse community. Yet it is still a major problem, with many cases of connected ailments being reported every year. So why is it still an ongoing issue, and what can we do to prevent it? We delve into the world of obesity, looking at common causes, effects, and what you can do to help. This pony's back has dipped due to lack of muscle and how overweight she is. Obesity can hugely effect c​onformation.   What are the dangers of having an
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The BGA Urges All Grooms To Check That Their Employers Have Liability Insurance
Following a recent legal case where a groom had a life-changing injury and had to settle on a reduced amount of £75,000, the British Grooms Association (BGA) is urging everyone to check that their employers have Employer’s Liability Insurance. Employer’s Liability Insurance is a legal requirement and protects both the employer and the employee in case of an accident in the workplace. Lucy Katan, Executive Director of the British Grooms Association said, “if the employer doesn’t have Employer’s Liability Insurance, and the employee has an accident – particularly if it is life-changing – the solicitor would be reliant on recovering damages directly from
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Video Tutorial: How To Wash A Horse's Tail (Great For White Tails!)
In this video tutorial our contributor, Jess Colvin, shows us how she washes her horse Memo's tail. The method she uses is particularly good for restoring white tails to their natural white, but it's just as effective for cleaning any other coloured tails too!   Video Transcript; "This tutorial is created on behalf of the Horsemart community. We hope that you find that useful. "Hi everybody. I hope you're staying safe and well. "Today, I'm going to show you how I clean my tails. Now, this is a step that I use to get rid of stains, specifically for white tails, but don't worry, if
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LeMieux Footsie Socks - Product Review
It is that time of year again, where the UK decides to try and keep up with the baltic temperatures of Antartica. With this in mind, I always seem to find myself trying to find the best and warmest layers – without making myself look like a model for a Michelin advert – whilst also delving into the world of socks in an attempt to find a pair that will allow me to have some feeling left in my toes after each ride. Like me, you may find that you regularly end up with numb toes throughout the winter months, whether it be from a
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