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Exclusive Interview With Equine Quality At Hickstead

In this video, we get the full tour of some fantastic horseboxes after we saw EQ owner Candice Farmer at Hickstead. With a 3.5T, a 12T, an 18T, and a 26T on show, there was plenty to take a look at! We also cover what makes EQ horseboxes different and the positives of that.

How did Equine Quality come to be?

EQ Horseboxes was born from Candice's search for a well-built horsebox for herself that combined both her specific requirements and the safest design for horses. Having gone around multiple coachbuilders around the country and looked at their work, she found someone who built horseboxes to the standard she wanted and gave them her design. However, once she got her lorry home, someone bought it off her. This happened a second time and from this, EQ was born.
The priority for Candice when drawing up the plans for a horsebox is for the horse area to be both safe and spacious, whilst for the riders, keeping it as easy and comfortable, in addition to offering plenty of storage. The thought process for EQ Horseboxes originates from Candice being a rider and owner like her customers, for her, every detail matters. EQ know that every rider has different requirements, so they build to meet your needs while keeping the core values present in all of their horseboxes. 

What sets EQ Horseboxes apart?

Candice describes the materials they use throughout the build and why, having seen trade-in horseboxes not fit for purpose. In addition to the quality of their horseboxes, EQ's customer service line is open 8am - 8pm all year round to answer any query, no matter how small or large, because they know it can take time to get used to a new horsebox. To reduce the need for assistance, EQ builds are produced to maximise storage and minimise faff, meaning you can leave plenty of equipment on board between shows.
Aside from the practical aspect, the EQ horseboxes are stylish, with quality paintwork allowing you to arrive in style at all shows whilst knowing that it's made to stand the test of time, just like the rest of the lorry. 

The 26T EQ Horsebox

As we took a closer look around the outside of Candice's personal horsebox, she explained that the core design runs throughout all her models. The outside is all about maximising storage to ensure you've got room for everything you need, so there are plenty of tack lockers! Smaller details include the insulation of the locker doors to keep the temperature regulated and power inside the lockers so you can run utilities, such as a washing machine. Toward the rear of the box, there is also an option to have a groom's door straight into the horse area. Additionally, this can be used as a private entrance to the groom's accommodation in the living.
Inside this impressive 26T EQ Horsebox, the living contains most standard kitchen appliances, a lounge area in the pop-out, a spacious bedding area above the cab, a bathroom, and full hot water throughout.

The 3.5T EQ Horsebox

With the matching-colour 3.5T EQ horsebox, which has a payload of just under 1000kg, we started in the horse area, where there was full stallion partitioning and a 2.9m floor-to-ceiling height allowing larger horses plenty of room. The partition has a sliding mechanism which means you can place the portion against the back wall, allowing you to carry a mare & foal comfortably. In case of an emergency, the partition between the horse area has doors which can be opened up so the horse can come out at the back of the box instead of via the side ramp.
The 3.5T is finished with horse fans, CCTV, and so on, as standard so that you have everything you need from the off.

The 18T EQ Horsebox

The key difference between the 18T EQ horsebox and the 26T is the horse area where, due to a slightly shorter design, the horse area takes five instead of six, as well as a slightly more compact luxury living. However, the 18T horsebox can also be built as a 'Luxury Work Truck' that can take seven/eight horses and still come with a living to sleep four people!
In the horse area, we took a closer look at the slimline tack locker, designed with safety in mind to stop horses who thrash about from getting stuck. The horse area was again very spacious and possesses fantastic temperature regulation to keep your horses cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Candice also demonstrated how the partitions in all her herringbone horseboxes can be pushed back flat against the wall, minimising the chance of an accident when loading horses.

The 12T EQ Horseboxes

The 12T EQ Horsebox really is a mini-version of the 26T, as Candice demonstrates when taking us around the outside and inside of the lorry. The key detail with the 12T is it isn't much bigger than the 7.5T but you don't have any of the payload issues that you may get with travelling 3 horses in a 7.5T. The 12T also a bigger/wider wheels, improving stability through the horsebox.
**This article is an indirect quotation of Horsemart's interview with Equine Quality to summarise the discussion and give our audience a better reading experience.**


Team Horsemart
Published on 05-07-2024