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Equiyd: Eliminating The Risks When Buying & Selling Horses

With 90,000+ members in dodgy horse dealer groups across social media, the equestrian industry has a problem with dishonest dealers, falsely advertised horses and thousands in lost cash due to disputes or scams.
While buying a horse is a dream for many, the process of finding the right horse has succumbed to a wave of issues for both buyers and sellers. The industry has long been one built on trust, however, it’s clear from the vast numbers of new members joining dodgy groups that we are left with new challenges to overcome and a need to create a safer buying and selling experience for all.
Regardless of whether a horse is a companion or a competitive partner, the purchase is an investment. When we purchase a house, we have surveys, legal checks and pay securely. When we buy a car, we check the MOT, tax, service history and run a HPI check. 
If we’re so thorough with other large purchases, why are so many people failing to do due diligence on a horse that, if it isn't as described, could result in safety implications and severe financial and emotional consequences?

A game-changer in equine transactions

Equiyd is the ultimate equestrian due diligence platform, designed to safeguard both buyers and sellers. With a focus on transparency and security, Equiyd’s mission is to ensure that the process of buying or selling a horse is smooth, reliable, stress-free, and most importantly, secure.

Building trust through transparency:

Comprehensive horse history - each seller creates a detailed profile for themselves and their horse, including competition results and verified ownership records. This level of detail means that buyers can trust the information provided, knowing that the seller has guaranteed the authenticity of the horse’s information. Equiyd also maintains a complete audit trail, offering peace of mind that every aspect of the horse's history is recorded.
Digital vetting records - Equiyd allows direct uploads and facilitates the sharing of pre-purchase vetting reports directly on the platform. This feature means that all relevant health information is readily accessible, creating trust between buyers and sellers and simplifying the communication process.

Safeguarding your investment:

Secure payment services - one of the most significant concerns with horse transactions is the security of payments. Equiyd has solved this by integrating a secure payment system that holds funds until both parties are satisfied with the transaction. This protects against potential scams and ensures a smooth financial experience for all parties.
Full communication audit trail - a comprehensive audit trail has been known to be a saviour when horse transactions have gone wrong, and this is why this feature is built into the Equiyd platform. All interactions related to the sale are fully recorded, from the initial enquiry to the final payment. This provides a clear communication record that can help resolve future disputes.

The newest platform to protect buyers and sellers

Equiyd doesn't just benefit buyers, it empowers sellers too. Sellers are now able to promote transparency and attract serious buyers. Equiyd’s audit trail also serves to protect honest sellers and help ensure a smoother sales process. 
The buying and selling experience should be positive for all and Equiyd is on a mission to make that happen.
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Published on 19-06-2024
Equiyd is on a mission to create a safer, more transparent equestrian community. Equiyd’s co-founders have over 40 years of equestrian experience between them when it comes to buying and selling horses - seen and unseen, from the UK and abroad.