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Plus size horse riding clothes evolve

Horsemart reader and blogger Melsi describes herself as a ‘forty-something back in the saddler’. In this post, she takes a look at advancements in plus size horse riding clothes.

As you all know from my previous blog posts, I am a ‘larger, older boldie back to the saddle lady’, so that should give you a good idea as to why I am hesitating about going back in the Show Ring. However, I can’t always blame my lack of confidence on my ‘Size Ample’, or the fact that my Show Ring attire may be a little snug.

Let’s face it girls, fashion has vastly improved for us plus sizers. Like our larger sized fashion items, plus size horse riding clothes have come on leaps and bounds. Thanks to companies such as Fuller Fillies we can now venture comfortably into the equestrian world. Happy Hackers, Dressage Divas, Show Jumpers, or Event riders, we can all find appropriate plus size horse riding clothes without looking squeezed, pinched and fit-to-faint.  There is no reason to be popping out in the wrong places ladies. Plus size horse riding clothes have hit the riding ‘faternity’... (I mean fraternity).

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Fuller fillies
When in the Show Ring first time round with Bob (pictured), my beyond gorgeous and perfect Show Cob, (Melsi takes off her rose-tinted spectacles) I was suitably plus size attired. Being a bit of a bargain hunter many of my purchases were from sales or our dear ol’ friend eBay, but I have to say that my top purchase was an amazingly, well fitted Fuller Fillies green tweed Show Jacket, which I bought with my birthday treat money. This smart Show Jacket has an extremely thin pink check running through the fabric and it also has a rather fetching and cheeky pink silk liner. When Bob cantered around the ring, me on board in full show-off mood, a hint of pink was splashed around my bottom area, a subtle statement for all the world to see. I was dressed like a Show Ring pro!

The real beauty of my Fuller Fillies purchase is that the buttons actually do up around my not so flat tummy and ample bosom. How wonderful not to have to run a line of safety pins down gaping button holes.  Oh the relief of being able to breathe normally without having to take those short breaths, you know the ones, because if you go for one big one all the buttons will fly off your jacket and put someone’s eye out. I said goodbye to having to secure my number string into about seventy-three knots to wedge in my waistband, (which had usually rolled over). Someone had actually taken time to design a jacket for a plus size, serious rider and to get it that right; they must have been a plus size rider too.

Smart beige jods now fit smoothly and comfortably without digging in and leaving seam divots in my skin, and even show shirts now come in the right size. They do up properly AND don’t cut off the circulation running to your hands! Leather gaiters AND leather riding boots now come in our ‘cankle’ width size too, AND you don’t give yourself an asthma attack, or fainting fit while bent double trying to zip them up. (Oh the shame of trotting my horse up for the judge with the zip on my much too tight gaiters rolling slowly down leaving odd socks and unshaven legs for the judge’s eye).

Hunt down plus size clothes
Girls I am not endorsing spending inappropriately, I am just saying, “Plus size horse riding clothes are now out there, so hunt them down.” This is all good stuff. Us ‘BBW’s’, (big beautiful women) can now look the part in the Show Ring, breathe comfortably and look fashionable while out hacking too.  If the purse strings don’t quite allow in these financially struggling times, hunt them down on eBay girls, or wait for the sales, you’ll find them there too! Who cares if your show jods didn’t cost the world, nobody else will know, as long as they are clean and fit your beautiful curves and bumps.  And who cares if your fleecy is an XXL, or if your suede chaps don’t have a designer label on them, they fit and that is all that matters surely. We can now dress like everyone else in the riding world, just in sizes that are a tad larger.

On parting, please, PLEASE ladies don’t wear those silly small pants. A pair of jods can be severely ruined by that ugly ‘Visible Panty Line’, and this goes for you slimmer riders too. Ladies follow my lead, Big Girl Pants are a must have (and that is not down to the proportions of my bottom)!!

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