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Equicure - Health Feature


As winter ends and the warmer days return, owners and horses alike look forward to getting out in the open more. Our horses will have been stabled for much of the colder months and with that comes the risk that they will have problems with stiffness, pain and potential lameness.

Pain. Muscle pain, joint pain, we all suffer from it. Humans can communicate location and severity; our beloved animals cannot always do so. As responsible, loving owners we must see the signs that indicate something may be wrong and try to help. It’s time to step up a level in horse care. With this in mind, we at Equicure have developed unique formulations of proven, natural supplements of the highest quality. Equicure started with the backing of Vitacure, a highly successful company in the human supplements market with a global customer base. We have combined our extensive knowledge of natural health ingredients with first-hand experience of what really works to improve horses’ condition and health. After 18 months of intensive Research and Development, with the help of owners and horse charities, we confidently brought our products to the market. Happily, they were received well by horse owners nationwide. We are pleased to introduce 3 of them here. You will find us completely transparent and proud to state exactly what goes into each formula. Not many products on the market list the exact quantities and strengths. We want to be different. We only use 100% human grade, non-GMO natural ingredients, with no fillers or sweeteners. All our formulae contain active ingredients at the cutting edge of natural health care. Why should your horse receive anything but the very best?

“My horse hasn't finished his first tub of relief yet but the difference it has made is unbelievable!! He was so lame the vet suggested he was put to sleep. Even with 2 packets of Bute he was very lame. Now he's walking sound and drags me to the field. He reared and bucked at the gate yesterday and I just barely kept a hold of him. He used to stand near the gate all day as he was too sore to move around. Now he spends his time stealing the apples from my apple trees! He had been struggling to stand on 3 legs so the farrier could shoe him. This time he had no problem and the farrier was quite surprised. He has gained back the weight he lost from being in pain. He seems so much happier and finds it so much easier to get up after lying down or rolling. I can't recommend this product enough. My horse is enjoying life again!”

Equicure Relief Review from Caroline, Ireland

Hi Guys, Just ordered some more equi relief, thought you might like to know that my 36yr old pony who has been dragging her left hind toe along the ground when she walks, for the last year due to her Arthritis, is now picking her foot up properly and trots and canters up to her meals. Thanks very much. I am now recommending it to friends. Best regards Dawn”

Equicure Relief Review from Dawn, UK

Equicure Relief. We designed Equicure Relief as a powerful anti-inflammatory, a natural alternative to Bute with no side effects. The results were astonishing, with some customers claiming it works better than Bute. Ian, who works with us has three horses, two of which are retired jumpers, Ollie and Tee. Ollie suffered from severe arthritis that affected his legs, while Tee often had fluid build-up and swelling in the joints that made him lame. Ollie and Tee both improved dramatically, were visibly happier and much more comfortable after taking the three key components of what became Relief: Serrapeptase, Boswellia Serrata, and Turmeric. Serrapeptase is known as the miracle enzyme for its natural anti-inflammatory properties. This powerful enzyme helps support and maintain healthy fluid levels in the body, healthy joints, and helps support and maintain cardiovascular health. Serrapeptase has been used as a nutritional supplement in Europe and Asia for over three decades. Boswellia Serrata and Turmeric, which are widely known to help reduce pain and inflammation, were added to the blend. Incidentally the turmeric we use is a powerful standardised extract providing 95% Curcumins (the active ingredient in turmeric) per gram, as opposed to only 3% in raw spice. Then we add Piperine to the blend as this boosts the absorption of the curcumins by over 2000%! This is a small part of the proven science that has gone into the carefully prepared blend. These four ingredients make up the basis of the Relief formulation, along with MSM and Vitamin C. After years of exhaustive testing we have fine-tuned the formula to give your horse the most effective dosage of these powerful natural ingredients. Please read the testimonials below.

Equicure Flex. Equicure Flex contains 13 active ingredients, including Serrapeptase, 95% Turmeric Extract and high doses of Hyaluronic Acid and Green Lipped Mussel. These have been found to offer additional benefits to the health and maintenance of joints and flexibility, while also reducing inflammation and discomfort that may arise during exercise and day-to-day life. By combining these with the immediately recognisable ingredients that you can find in other joint supplements, we have created a blend that offers support at a new level without compromising on cost or quality. Equicure Flex can be used at all levels of activity. Your horse may be competing and worked at a high level, or simply of an advancing age with reduced mobility and joint discomfort. Our product has been specifically developed to support the health of joint cartilage, ligaments and tendons in all horses. We want to help you to keep your horse supple and active.

Herbutol. This product is an easy to feed liquid alternative to Bute. It’s aim is similar to that of the Relief powder, but while Relief is designed for severe or long-term cases of lameness and pain, Herbutol is for more manageable conditions. Many other liquid alternatives use ethanol and/ or water as the base. We chose superior Organic Apple Cider Vinegar which has so many proven health benefits: reduces arthritic pain, contains powerful antioxidants, lowers blood sugar levels. Combined with the ingredients used in our Relief powder and added Ginger, you have a product that rivals anything else on the market.

For more information about Equicure and other products in our range please visit our website www.equicure.co.uk or you may contact us direct via [email protected]or 0151 526 5678.