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The winter months bring with them a whole new set of ailments and an increased risk of injury, as the temperature drops and we are faced with adverse weather conditions.

In order for treatment to be effective, it is vital that you have access to a well-stocked first aid kit, at home, on the yard, and when away at competitions.

Regardless of the type of injury, time is always a key factor in the speed of recovery - the quicker you discover it, the quicker it can be treated. In winter, rugs should be removed, mud brushed off and hooves picked out regularly to allow any injuries to be found, especially when horses come in from the field.

When it comes to first aid, you don’t need to have a massive kit crammed with lotions and potions for every known ailment, but it is important that you do have the basics and keep your first aid kit fully stocked. Products should be replaced immediately after they have been used or if they go out of date.


6 Basic First Aid Essentials


1. Wound Dressings

To protect a wound and promote healing, first aid kits should contain a good selection of various size dressings. Skintact® is a low-adherent dressing that's ideal for most wounds, as it offers protection and absorbs any exudates. For infected wounds, Activate® dressing contains carbon to naturally cleanse and improves the normal healing process.

2. Poultices

Animalintex® can be used to treat a wide variety of ailments varying from infected wounds, abscesses and embedded thorns to bruises, strains and sprains and is licensed by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate.

3. Bandages

You may apply a bandage to help support and provide protection for tendons and ligaments, reduce swelling, secure dressings and assist in the healing process of injuries.

4. Veterinary Gamgee®

An absorbent high quality cotton wool enclosed in a non-woven or gauze cover used to promote wound healing by insulating, cushioning and protecting wounds from external trauma.

5. Scissors

A decent pair of blunt ended scissors is essential for cutting bandages and dressings to the required size and also for safe and easy removal of bandages.

6. Thermometer

A slight change in temperature may indicate there is an underlying problem with your horse so make sure you have a good quality thermometer in your first aid kit.

It is essential that your first aid kit is stored in a suitable container that is rodent proof and kept in a prominent position on the yard that is accessible to everyone. During winter, the kit may need to be stored in a heated room to prevent certain products from freezing.

Robinson Animal Healthcare has a wide range of products for all your first aid requirements including the market-leading Animalintex® and the legendary Veterinary Gamgee®.

For more information contact Robinson Animal Healthcare on 01909 735000 or visit

Robinson Animal Healthcare
Animal First Aid Wound Care Manufacturer
Published on 05-09-2021
Robinson Animal Healthcare is a long-established manufacturer of animal first aid wound care and absorbents, including the market-leading Animalintex®, the only VMD licensed product of its kind in the UK, and the legendary Veterinary Gamgee®. These products have been tried and tested in the equine market and together offer a complete solution to everyday first aid requirements for both riders and veterinary surgeons.