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Rachael was the lucky winner of a recent competition we ran to win a Cambox Horse Isi2 Helmet Camera, and we asked her to give us a little review of the product. Here’s what she had to say...

Cambox Isi2 Equestrian Helmet Camera - Top gadget to have!

This headcam is like no other! It is stylish, lightweight, hidden, and very safe.

It only weighs 36g, which is under half the weight of most leading brand headcams. It's so lightweight you really don’t know you're even wearing it. I have previously used other headcams and I really noticed the extra weight on my head which felt like it was putting my balance off.

How does it attach to your hat?

It simply Velcros on to the underneath of your hat peak or silk peak – yes, you heard it right, Velcro – which means no more horrible straps! It also makes it much safer in case you fall off. It fits 95% of hats currently produced which, when you take into account the number of brands and ranges of hats available, is quite a high percentage!

You can buy more Velcros separately to put on other hats/silks (I ended up buying another 5). The only issue I've found is that once the Velcro's on, it's not coming off, which has its pros and cons. But to be honest, I wouldn’t want to take it off anyway. I also have “temp” velcros which consist of 3 circles of velcro to attach to your hat, rather than a full strip, so I use these more on my baseball style caps.

It's just as easy to attach it to a baseball style cap as it is to a riding hat, thanks to the movable arms. This makes it a really useful bit of kit if if you're doing ground work and you want to track your progression and your position to the horse, or if you’re a trainer/instructor and want to video your client or record the training session, so they can look back on it and train at home.

I also bought a lovely hardback zip case – like a sunglasses case – which is very handy for storing spare Velcros, the charger, and any other accessories you have. It's nice and small, so perfect for keeping in your car/horsebox glovebox! This is one accessory I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase again.

How does it work?

It’s very simple to use. It has an on/off button and records instantly when you turn it on. You have to hold the button for 3 seconds to turn it on/off, and then for 1 second to pause/start new recording. It displays a simple blue flashing light when it's recording, so when you’re stationary you can just look up to check. it also makes a buzzing sound when it starts so you can be sure it's recording. Then the light turns red when the battery is low. So what can go wrong? Nothing!

It's also very easy to download the recordings; you can either take the SD card out and put it straight into your PC, or you can use the USB cable provided. You can’t get any simpler than that!

Now, I'm an iPhone user and I prefer to edit videos on my phone, so I found it easier to do lots of shorter videos instead of one big long video, as it helps me cut out the bits I don’t want to keep, and it makes it easier to transfer onto my phone. I use an app called Phone Drive, then edit them in iMovie. Of course, if you have the Isi3 Cambox you can install the app on your phone which cuts out this whole process.

What's the footage quality like?

Here's some footage I filmed using the Isi2 Cambox, to give you an idea of the picture and sound quality...

You can see for yourself the fantastic quality of the video and how amazingly clear and colourful the images are, considering they are being captured by such a small product! You can even pause the video and see how clear the number plates show, but I haven't included this bit of the video as I don't have the permission of any of the vehicles that passed. The sound is also very good, it even catches you breathing.

The camera lens itself is adjustable so that you can move it to different degrees to accommodate the hat you are wearing. When I use it with my XC hat I find that I need to point it slightly lower down as my peak points up to the sky. You can also tilt it down as much as 40 degrees so that the view includes your hand position, which is a great training guide to look back on.

Would you recommend it to a friend?

I would absolutely recommend it to a friend – it's a fantastic, quality bit of kit that can really enhance your training! It's so well designed for riders, and all the little features have been carefully thought about. It's by far the best headcam I've tried so far!

As I mentioned earlier, the only slightly fiddly bit is editing the footage after you've recorded it, which for me isn't really a problem. However, if you want a more streamlined editing process, you might want to consider buying the Cambox Isi3 (the next model up) as it offers the ability to install the Cambox app and edit within it. Having the app also allows you to adjust lots of other settings, take photos as well as videos, access videos/photos, download/delete files, check the status of the camera, start/stop recording, and even visualize your angle lens in real time!

Now all I can say is I really want to get my hands on the Isi3 as I'm excited to try using all these extra functions!

Please note: The helmet cam is FEI legal but not BD/BS/BE legal at present.

Rachael Skinner - Eventful Eventing
Horsemart Brand Ambassador
Published on 07-08-2019
Rachael is an amateur Event rider from Kent and Bailey is a 7 year old 17hh gelding, and together they go by the name of Eventful Eventing. Rachael says "I may not be at the top of the game, doing 4 star Eventing, but I am a realist. I like to include the lows as well as the highs in training and competing, and general yard to yard activities. Although our main aim is within Eventing, I like to dabble in other disciplines too."