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What is the Average Weight of a Horse?


Horse weights will vary drastically between breeds. As you're most probably already aware, horses can vary so much in size all the way from miniature horses to shire horses. Their weights, along with their sizes, also vary greatly. A 9-hand pony should weigh around 200kg, whereas a 16-hand Draught horse can weigh in excess of 850kg. The purpose of a horse will obviously affect the desired weight as well. For example, a Thoroughbred horse that's primarily used for racing should weigh about 500kg. For more accurate readings, take a look at the table below.



For advice on how to feed your horse click here.


The body condition of a horse is usually measured simply by visual observation. However, there are other ways that you can measure how heavy your horse is. Most people say that their horse is either too thin, in good flesh or obese, and in that case, the horse’s weight can be used as a measurement of its well being.


No matter what breed your horse is, it's vital that it stays within a healthy weight boundary, in order to prevent it from developing some serious health issues. Similarly, it's important to know your horse's weight in order to ensure any medical dosages are correct.

Equine obesity can cause Laminitis or a resistance to insulin, along with a number of other health problems, and the best way to monitor fluctuations or abnormalities in weight is by weighing your horse throughout the year.


An underweight horse can be a sign of a number of issues. This could simply be down to the horse’s age, however, it can also signal poor health or even underfeeding.

The following is a rough chart that shows the desired weight of horses depending on their height.

Average Horse Weight Chart


The best and most accurate way to find out how much your horse weighs, with 100% accuracy, would be to use an equine specific weighbridge. Read more about these here.

Another method would be to use a weigh tape which tend to be roughly 90% accurate. You can read more about how to use a weight tape here.