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    Find The Perfect Horse Name

    ArticleHow to - General Equine AdviceTuesday 23 August 2016

    Pick the perfect name for your new horse or foal


    Pick the perfect name for your new horse or foal


    Spring is prime time for picking the perfect horse name for your new foal, or maybe you made a new purchase on Horsemart and are now the proud owner of a young bay and fancy a name change?


    Whatever the reason, picking a good horse name which your new friend loves as much as you is the most important task when it comes to getting a new horse. Well you’re in luck, because here at Horsemart we’ve created a list of the best horse names featured on our site - through buying and selling. What’s more we’ve got the top 10 names for boys and the top 10 names for girls, as well as looking at the mot popular names by breed. So you can check out what’s popular and what’s not - whether you want a name which suits your new cob foal, or just a pretty female horse name. You are sure to find one you'll adore on our list!


    Popular names are always changing so we see anything from exotic horse names like Xeta Maria to the traditional Jack, we love everything from the outrageously imaginative to the sweet and simple.


    We would love to know what your horse is called! Tell us on our facebook page @horsemartfans . You might just inspire other horse owners with your original ideas!


    horse names infographic


    Top 10 Female Horse Names

    Pretty female horse names are always going to be popular, but something we have noticed specifically with the girls names is you do seem to love the 'e' sounding names, they're nice and girly - but not too much! 

    1. Rosie
    2. Mona
    3. Bella
    4. Molly
    5. Poppy
    6. Lilly
    7. Millie
    8. Lady
    9. Lucy
    10. Bonnie

    We have definitely noticed that you love to name your horses human names, whereas previously, human names and animal names have been kept rather separate - but when our pets are as much part of the family as our aunts and uncles, why not give them a name that makes them feel part of the family!


    Top 10 Male Horse Names

    We love the boys names too, they are classic and always in fashion. What we love about the top 10 male names is that even through the years we haven't seen a huge change in the list of male horse names. 

    1. Jack
    2. Charlie
    3. Billy
    4. Harry
    5. Bailey
    6. Alfie
    7. George
    8. Murphy
    9. Bobby
    10. Jimmy


    Some names come and go but they all have a classic and gentle aspect to them, we don’t see it often but we like it! Of course, they aren't all so common. Not all of us are into naming our horses after humans, so here are some of the best unique names, that would only be fit for a horse!


    Top 10 Most Unique Horse Names

    1. Whiskey
    2. Tido
    3. Dragonfly
    4. Tori
    5. Snow Feet
    6. Icefall
    7. Mystery
    8. Cavier
    9. Swiftsilver
    10. Cinders
    11. Night Sparkle

    But if none of the above take your fancy then do not worry, our horse name inspiration does not end here. Below you will find the most popular horse names sorted by the top 10 breeds found on our site!

    Here are our Top 10 breeds on site and their most popular name

    Top 10 Horse Names for Cobs

    Friendly and reliable, cobs are often the first horses for this very reason - have you owned a cob named one of the below?

    1. Romeo
    2. Hetty
    3. Jake
    4. Chester
    5. Badger
    6. Minstral
    7. Sidney
    8. Puzzle
    9. KitKat
    10. Buzz

    Cob Horses


    Top 10 Names for Arab Horses

    Arab horses make for the ideal riding companion. they are tough, strong, quick learners and friendly - they'll be your friend for life, these popular names mirror their personalities perfectly.

    1. Lyla
    2. Tilly
    3. Snazzy
    4. Prince
    5. Smartie
    6. J S Hypnotica
    7. Kalibis
    8. Hyait
    9. Tekka
    10. Edora

    Arab Horses


    Top 10 Names for Irish Sport Horses

    Famous for their strength in showjumping these names reflect their Irish heritage and showjumping background.

    1. Molly
    2. Ginny
    3. Max
    4. Milly
    5. Molly
    6. Circus
    7. Silver Jasper
    8. Leon
    9. Rosie
    10. Sienna


    Top 10 Horse Names for Connemaras

    The Irish influence can be seen in some of these most popular names for the Connemara horse.

    1. Apollo
    2. Rosie
    3. Dexter
    4. Connie
    5. Pepper
    6. Bobby
    7. Rolo
    8. Linvanton Aengus
    9. Fizz
    10. Roshanna


    Top 10 Horse Names for Appaloosas

    Much like their distinct appearance, some of the most popular names for Appaloosas reflect their uniqueness. We're not surprised to see spot appearing in the top 5!

    1. Harvey
    2. Caricks
    3. Zona
    4. Spot
    5. Poppy
    6. Jenny
    7. Hampton
    8. Sprint
    9. Geronimo
    10. Jimmy

    Appaloosa Horse


    Top 10 Names for Paint Horses

    This list of strong names are a perfect match for the strong and intelligent Paint Horse. 

    1. Valerie
    2. Bella
    3. Montie
    4. Bindy
    5. Niall
    6. Mildred
    7. Rosie
    8. Amelio
    9. Jackson
    10. Thompson

    Paint Horses


    Top 10 Horse Names for Dutch Warmbloods

    Dutch Warmbloods are well-known for their strength in Olympic dressage events, and these fancy names are deserving for a truly stunning breed of horse.

    1. Nexus
    2. Ben
    3. Hollie
    4. Benny
    5. Pretty
    6. Xeta
    7. Mona
    8. Maximus
    9. Jonny
    10. Turner

     Dutch Warmblood


    Top 10 Horse Names for Thoroughbreds

    This speed machine breed are synonymous with racing, and there are definitely some strong racing horse names appearing in this list…

    1. Happy Jack
    2. Morgan Galaxy
    3. Phoebe
    4. Ellie
    5. Eclipse
    6. Lily
    7. Rosie
    8. Polly
    9. Jim
    10. Bobby

    Thoroughbred Horses


    Top 10 Names for Welsh Section A Horses

    The Welsh Section A horse is the founding breed for the Welsh Pony, so we were not surprised to see some traditional and strong names among the most popular horse names for this breed.

    1. Vincenzo
    2. Daisy
    3. Oxney Jack
    4. Mary
    5. Chestre
    6. Minty
    7. Phillip
    8. Poppy
    9. Angie
    10. Dustin


    Top 10 Horse Names for Shetland Ponies

    Cute and cheeky by nature, cute and cheeky by name - we think these popular names are the perfect match for the small, but perfectly formed Shetland Ponies.

    1. Millie
    2. Jack
    3. Tommy
    4. Lunar
    5. Twinkle Feet
    6. Bobby
    7. Sam
    8. Chester
    9. Buzz
    10. Freddy

    It is also worth remembering that here at Horsemart, as well as having thousands of horses for sale, we offer a wealth of horse information and advice to help in all aspects of caring for your horse. To view all of our fantastic advice, click here now.


    Main image source: Finnhorse in a forest via photopin (license)

    *Edited 18/10/2016 - We thought this post could do with freshening up, so we pulled out all of the information and displayed in the form of infographic. Let us know what you think!

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