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TRM KuraSyn 360x - Product Review

This product was kindly provided to us by our sponsors Farm & Stable Supplies and we absolutely swear by it.

The product is based on curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, and we have had varying success in using turmeric so we were excited to come across a liquid form to try out. It is mixed with hyaluronic acid and has a much better absorption rate than standard turmeric, according to the website.

KuraSyn 360x can be particularly useful before or after periods of physical stress; for horses in hard training and intense competition; for maintenance of normal joint function; and during periods of rehabilitation from injury.

We first used it whilst on the Great Adventure (our ride from John O’Groats to Land’s End) for our adventuring ponies! We took with us showjumping pony Flicker, who was twenty-two at the time, an Arab x Connemara and a bit of a live wire. Phoenix also went, she was seventeen at the time, and is an Arab and probably the best to hack of the group. Lastly, there was Amadeus, a nineteen-year-old Morgan horse.

As they are all of advanced age, even though they were at the peak of physical fitness we wanted them to have a supplement to support them. KuraSyn did an amazing job keeping them healthy, and at the end of well over a thousand-mile trip Phoenix and Flicker were feeling amazing (unfortunately Amadeus injured himself on the journey).

Our main regular use is for our veteran Flame, who is 30 years old and has had navicular for years, with arthritis setting in over the last few years. He has been intermittently lame for many years now, and at a stage during the summer it had become so bad that we had to have a prescription for Danilon from the vet. We put him on KuraSyn just after, and it was so effective that we were able to wean him off the Danilon fairly quickly. Flame will never be 100% sound again, but he is comfortable and has a great quality of life again, which has probably elongated his life quite a bit!

Kerry, our nineteen-year-old thoroughbred, has also been on KuraSyn recently. Last year we were thinking of retiring him altogether as he has arthritis and is definitely slowing down. He has had a hard life, starting out as a racehorse for many years, before having a year eventing after recuperating from a tendon injury. He then went to a hunt yard, and that’s where we met him. He did many years work for them before coming to us because he had a rearing problem which was getting worse. So, by the time we had him he was already slightly worse for wear, although we were able to have many years of eventing and showjumping fun with him thanks to physio and our amazing chiro Amanda.

Although KuraSyn cannot reverse the process of aging (we wish!) it can definitely help him feel more comfortable, and for the time being we have decided to keep him in work, as he is still happy. The longer we can keep him in ridden work the better, as older horses tend to lose a lot of muscle once retired, and it can be harder for them to thrive.

Here’s a video of Kerry enjoying himself at Hartpury in the summer!

We strongly recommend this product, and will definitely be using it on a wider scale for our competition horses and other veterans.

Hesteyri Horses
Horsemart Brand Ambassador
Published on 2020-03-17