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Pilot Equine Horse & Rider Supplements - Product Review

Hi everyone,

Today, I will be discussing Pilot Equine and some supplements that they have kindly supplied me with to try out in both mine and Memo’s daily routines.

The Brand

First, let’s talk a little more about the Pilot brand. Pilot Equine was formed by two long term friends, Eddie and Ben, who after much discussion, decided to bring their two worlds together into one enterprise. Eddie brought to the table his background in the fitness industry; he is an expert in human supplementation and will shortly be a fully qualified personal trainer. Then we have Ben, who brings his love of horses to the brand. Having found horses in his late teens, Ben has gone on to throw himself into the sport and his love for the animal wholeheartedly; he not only runs a livery yard and riding school but breeds horses, runs a racing syndicate and field masters most Saturdays too!

Wow... I am not sure about our readers but that makes me feel tired just thinking about how busy Ben’s schedule must be!

Together, their passion is to lead the charge in helping riders to care for their horses whilst also caring for themselves too, by producing a premium selection of supplements for both horse and rider. Below, I will discuss their Daily Breakfast Shake for riders and the Equine Joint Supplement for horses.

In case you have any questions for the team at Pilot, I will include their contact details and links to all the products that we discuss at the bottom of this article.

Freedom – Premium Joint Supplement for Horses

The Freedom joint supplement combines an optimal dose of leading natural nutrients with no unnecessary ingredients or fillers. It is crafted to help protect and repair your horse’s joints and comes with access to the Pilot Joint Care E-guide, offering extra knowledge, exercises and tools to care for your horse throughout their training, no matter what level you ride at.

For those of you who would like to know the nutrition values of the supplements discussed in this article, the links at the bottom will take you directly to the Pilot website where you can read up on their products fully, as well as purchase any that are of interest to you.

Pilot believe that great nutrition is the foundation of great joint health, which is where ‘Freedom’ joint supplement comes into play, providing nutrients to:

  • Maintain joint health
  • Combat pain and stiffness
  • Improve joints’ range of motion

The first step for me when feeding any new supplement to Memo is getting him to eat it – for a horse that LOVES treats, he is rather fussy when it comes to his feed; if it smells different or tastes strange, I will have fun trying to get him to eat it. If anyone needs any tips and tricks on how to get horses to eat things, I am your girl!

However, when it came to trying Pilot, I was very pleased to find him happily munching away on his breakfast with the Freedom supplement in it. In fact, he seemed to really enjoy it! So it certainly gets 5/5 stars – or shall we say 5/5 apples – from Memo.

With regards to his joints, he is a relatively fit and active horse, so I did not expect to see a huge difference in his way of going because of this. With this in mind, I have included some reviews from Pilot customers who swear by the product and use it for various different horses:

“I bought this for my daughter’s horse who has arthritic hocks. It seems to have really helped her. I will certainly continue to use. Highly recommend.” – Karen. F

“We have been using this product on our 2 horses for about 2-3 weeks, our horses are moving better considering the weather has been so cold.” – Nikki. H

For more information about what key ingredients should be included in an effective horse joint supplement, as well as an explanation of the benefits of each, please see 'Equine Joint Supplements: What Ingredients Should I Be Looking For?'

Recover – Daily Breakfast Shake for Riders

Recover by Pilot Equine is an energising daily shake for riders. It is designed to help busy riders stay at the top of their game throughout everything life throws at them. Pilot believe that Recover can help you with weight loss, muscle building or just simply save you time. It is designed to provide you with the right amount of vitamins and minerals to keep your energy levels high.

As with their equine supplements, when you purchase the Recover supplement you are gifted access to Pilot’s full set of eBooks on rider strength and fitness and weight loss.

Here is the list of ingredients that have been carefully selected for the Recover formula (if you follow the link to the Pilot website, you will find more information about why each ingredient has been selected):

  • Green tea extract
  • Flaxseed Powder
  • Grape skin
  • Goji Berry
  • Acai Berry
  • Spirulina
  • Kale
  • Alfalfa

There are several ways to have the recover shake; the easiest option is to whisk up the required amount of formula with some water and drink it on the go – quick and effective.

Personally, I prefer to mix it up into more of a smoothie, using a bit of milk and some banana. This makes the shake a little thicker but FAR more yummy and indulgent, plus you get one of your 5 a day in too… win win! The product itself is similar to what I had already been taking in the mornings; I think it is important to get the right amount of nutrients each day, as required by your body, and for those of us who are busy with work, horses and everything else in between, combining this into a shake is a brilliant concept.

Here are some reviews of this product from Pilot customers that use Recover in their daily routines:

“I have been using Pilot Recover every morning as a shake with water and it forms a big part of my calorie restricted diet. It keeps me going through riding 7 lots of horses each morning and I am still not hungry before lunch. It tastes great and has helped with not only my weight loss but my general diet too. One of the best things about recover is that it allows me to do a full day’s work and then some strenuous workouts when I need to lose weight.” – David Pritchard – Jockey

“Recover has been a dream for me. Mostly because it’s so chocolately! But also because it’s helped me with keeping off that lockdown weight. I feel energised and satisfied through the morning and my yoga sessions/runs too!’’ – Ellie

See what jockey David Pritchard thinks of Recover and why he uses it to keep healthy and in shape to race...

Event rider and young horse breeder, Becky Crosbie Starling, talks about the difference that Pilot's Freedom joint supplement has made to her thoroughbred...


I think that the company have gone above and beyond; both by creating products that put the horse and rider first, and by supplying their customers with informative and helpful advice on how to safely incorporate this into their lives. I can’t say I know of any other companies that offer a complementary personal trainer and diet plan with their products, that is for sure! Their support is brilliant, with quick responses to any queries that you may have and they make you feel that they truly care about both you and your horse’s wellbeing.

I have provided links below to the product pages and the Pilot Equine website. If you have any questions regarding Pilot Equine or their products, please get in touch with them, they would love to hear from you and will be happy to help.




I am Jessica Colvin, a Devon based amateur dressage rider. Should you want to keep up to date with any other product reviews, blogs and vlogs that I create, keep an eye on my Horsemart Blog page, Facebook or Instagram.

Jessica Colvin
Horsemart Content Contributor
Published on 08-06-2021
Jess is a Devon based amateur dressage rider who juggles horse ownership with working part time as a photographer at a local estate agents. As well as competing her own horse ‘Memo’ in affiliated dressage (and hopefully some eventing in the future), in her spare time she helps with schooling others. She is proud to be sponsored by St Davids Equine Veterinary Practice and Milmo’s Equine Services, and hopes to offer an everyday horse owners take on everything “horsey” whether that is reviews on products or 'how to' videos showing a simpler way to tidy manes or remove stains. Jess is a friendly and bubbly individual, who when not on a horse, can be found helping her partner Sam on the farm.