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Violent Clash Between Hunt Club and Brighton Hunt Saboteurs

During a dispute between the Brighton Hunt Saboteurs and East Sussex & Romney Marsh Hunt Club, a woman was filmed repeatedly whipping a Saboteur with her riding crop.


The angry rider was filmed, screaming ‘Get off my horse’ as she lashed out with her riding crop 17 times after the masked Saboteur grabbed hold of her horse's reins during the clash.


After hitting the man with her riding crop she then charged into the group, in the Pevensey Marshes.



The video has been released on Brighton Hunt Saboteurs Facebook page and has been viewed almost 400,000 times.


The Saboteur has been criticized by the Countryside Alliance for his actions when he hung firmly onto the horse's reins.


A spokesman for the Countryside Alliance said: ‘As we have always known, the reality is that the anti-hunting movement is far more about the hatred of people who hunt than the love of animals. Hunts comply with the Hunting Act 2004 by trail-hunting and using other legal forms of exempt hunting however they are still plagued by balaclava-clad animal rights activists who intimidate and harass hunt supporters and landowners.’


The video captured the huntswoman riding into the saboteurs and shouting ‘Get back to the road.’  She then turns and rams her horse into a man recording the scene, knocking him back several feet. Another man then swiftly grabs hold of the bridle.


In response, the woman starts yelling ‘Get off my horse, get off my horse!’ as she uses her riding crop to repeatedly whip the man.


The man being hit tries to protect his face whilst still holding firmly on to the horse's reins, shouting ‘Stop using it as a weapon!’


A hunt steward then proceeds to push the man away and shouts ‘Get off the f****** horse. Don’t grab f****** horses.’


The huntswoman then takes a swipe at another protester.


The man suffered bruising to the face and head.


A second clip has appeared that shows the same woman charging her horse at the Saboteurs from behind.


Brighton Hunt Saboteurs insist they were the victims in this ugly dispute.


Police have identified the alleged victim and an investigation is underway.

What the video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDI0YOVlvcA