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Teen Found Unconscious In The Road After Speeding Car Spooked Her Horse

16-year-old Charlotte Wilson was out for a hack when she was dragged along the road and left unconscious after a speeding driver spooked her horse.

On the 6th July, a speeding driver rounded a corner, spotting the horse and rider after it was too late to stop.

“He’d have gone into the back of us so his only option was to keep going.”

“He almost brushed my stirrup and scared the life out of my pony. She reared and I came off, and my foot got twisted in the stirrup, so I got dragged for about 10 meters. I was left unconscious in the road. I don’t know how long I was there for.”

Charlotte has suffered concussion, a cut face and bruising. She has also been told to not ride for another week as she is still suffering from pains in her shoulder.

Charlotte was lying on the floor for 2 hours until the ambulance arrived.

“I had a light jacket on, and of course my hat and boots, and as they didn’t want to move me till the ambulance got there, so it was a bit hot!”

The driver who caused the accident drove off.

“He didn’t slow down at all and I’m sure he saw me fall. Then on my Facebook post, I’ve had trolls saying I’m psychologically damaging horses by riding on the roads, and one said he wished I’d get cancer.”

Horse riding on the road

Charlotte is calling for change to reduce the number of incidents involving horse and riders. She would like to see a mutual respect for both drivers and riders on the road.

“Maybe how to pass horses should be part of the driving test? Drivers need to respect them, just as we need to respect drivers and other road users, and do our best to keep everyone safe.”