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Spooked Central Park horse crashes through Manhattan traffic, injuring passengers.

If you were a tourist walking down Sixth Avenue, New York on Sunday afternoon, you would’ve seen a large white stallion hurtling down the street with his carriage and passengers in tow, before smashing into two parked cars and throwing his driver out of the cart.


The incident was watched by hundreds of startled pedestrians near Central Park  as the passengers of the carriage screamed in fear of their lives. The horse named Arthur was spooked when a pedestrian nearby opened their umbrella suddenly - the ‘whooshing’ sound unnerved the giant horse and sent him careering down the road into oncoming traffic.


It really was a close scare; a witness reported that the traffic was stopped at a red light at the time, but had this not been the case, matters may have been much worse. The horses rampage was brought to an end as he smashed through a parked car and a stationary taxi, causing thousands of dollars damage to all three vehicles. The passengers in the carriage were injured and ended up in a nearby hospital with minor injuries. It’s not yet clear whether Arthur the horse was harmed or not.


Reportedly, at least five people had to be called to the horses rescue before he was calmed down. Besides the damage to the vehicles, the incident appears to have resolved without any serious harm caused, but the incident has now sparked more serious controversy between animal rights activists and the  New York Carriage industry.




The NYCLASS (New York Clean, Livable and Safe Streets) animal rights organisation have said that this incident is the perfect proof that treating animals harshly is a danger to everyone. The NYCLASS have created a proposal to ‘Ban Horse Carriages in NYC’ as the headline action on their site.

This caused the New York carriage industry to fight back. They argue the fact that this story has made big news, therefore it represents just how safe their business is - if a story like this can make headline news, then it must be a very rare, freak occurrence?


There are strong arguments for each case, but in a nutshell - is it morally right to place horses, who are wild and natural animals, into the bustling crowds of New York City? Be sure to let us know what your view is!