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It’s Been 5 Years Since Woman Rode Her Horse Into Tesco Following Social Media Challenge

The 5th of February marks five years since a woman rode her horse into Tesco as part of a social media craze that spread across the nation on Facebook.

The woman who was riding the horse was 21-
yearold Inky Ralph and she defended her actions as ‘harmless fun’.

Video footage of the incident was posted on Facebook and showed Inky entering Tesco on the back of her horse, Harvey.

She entered Tesco in St Helen Auckland, Bishop Auckland and shocked all of the local shoppers and staff that were in Tesco at the time of the incident.

They hung around for a short while before being directed out of the shop.

The stunt was pulled after she was nominated by a friend for the NekNomination challenge.

The NekNomination challenge is the name for a social media craze that involves friends nominating each other to do dares and posting them on social media for everyone to watch.  

The challenge is thought to have originated in Australia which quickly took off and swept the whole nation.

Ralph, 21, said: “I think it is fairly safe as long as you take careful consideration into what you’re doing. It was just harmless fun.”

Watch the video here: