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Horse Grabs Toddler By The Neck And Tosses Him To The Ground

A two-year-old boy was walking along a footpath when he was unexpectedly attacked by a horse who picked him up by the neck and threw him to the ground.

The toddler was walking along a footpath with his mother, which connected Dark Lane and The Chase in Thundersley. The horse didn’t react when they were first spotted.

As they walked further ahead, approaching Thundersley Primary School, the horse
leant over the fence reaching the public footpath and grabbed the toddler by the neck.

Horse bite


The boy was admitted to hospital to be treated for the bite and for muscle injuries from being thrown to the ground.

His mother said: “The horse was able to lean two-thirds of the way across the footpath to pick my son up by his neck and throw him to the ground causing quite significant injury. I’m so concerned that this is going to keep happening and someone is going to be extremely hurt or killed. Luckily we will be fine. It will probably take a few weeks for his physical injuries to heal over. Emotionally I’m not sure how I will ever be able to get the picture from my mind of my baby being picked up by his neck and slammed to the ground by a horse.”

The toddler's mother now wants to raise awareness so that this doesn’t happen again, or worse. She wants to make sure that people are aware of the horse, and hopes that the owners can do something to prevent the horse from being able to attack others, by making the fence more secure.

“It was just so scary but I have to keep reminding myself that we were very lucky in the grand scheme of things especially because the horse grabbed his neck. The hospital couldn’t believe the injury and was really concerned about internal injuries. It was just so frightening.