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Hesteyri Horses - Brand Ambassadors


We're Meg and Lauren, known as Hesteyri Horses!

We are horse trainers with a difference. As well as our usual backing, training and competing, we also work with a lot of rescue and 'problem' horses. This started because almost all of our own horses were rescues or rejects of some form and we became known for being the girls who would work with any horse and make sure they all have as many chances as they need.

A brilliant example of this is our boy, Kerry, who is an 
ex-racehorse and an ex hunt horse. We were called because he had developed a rearing problem so bad that the hunt servants weren't willing to ride him any more. We took him on without question and, in the 5 years we have had him, he must have reared about as many times! Kerry loves his people and hates to be told off so he does everything out of trust in us which is why his habit had developed so badly. Since helping Kerry overcome his past, we have taken him up to Novice level eventing and Discovery level show jumping! It took a lot to get Kerry clear show jumping but he now goes clear almost every time out and usually gains a top three placing too! We hope to qualify him for British Novice second and third rounds in 2019! Kerry is a constant reminder to never give up on a horse!

This summer, we decided to undertake the massive challenge of riding the length of the UK for charity! We managed this with our most trusted steeds, Flicker and Phoenix, who made it all the way from end to end, showing incredible bravery as well as the most amazing faith in us to keep them safe! It was not an easy journey and we had some horrible experiences, such as falling in a bog and spending days on main roads with cars and lorries flying past without slowing. No matter what happened or how big the tasks we asked of our ponies, they didn't hesitate or worry! We have spent many years building on our relationship with these horses who both had difficult pasts of their own (Phoenix was owned and abused by a drunk, leaving her extremely anxious and aggressive; and Flicker was a tricky pony to ride so was passed from pillar to post, leaving him nervous and insecure) and we couldn't have made it 2 days without their unfailing trust in us.

The most amazing part of our job is watching horses transform from being nervous or aggressive 'problem' horses to go on and shine in whatever discipline suits them best! Their pasts don't hold them back and they can be just as good as the purpose bred horses who have been pampered for their entire lives!

We have also had the privilege to work with some of the previously mentioned very talented, purpose bred horses and have produced 
4-year-olds for the eventing age classes for clients which has also been extremely rewarding!

Next year, we plan to take some of the horses we have rescued or rehabilitated to the next level. This includes:

Tom, an 
ex-racehorse bought in a poor state from the sales who has come back into work and has beautiful paces and a very bold, scopey jump! We hope to get him from jumping 80cm courses to jumping Newcomers (1m20cm) affiliated!

Bertie, a beautiful Lipizzaner who we were asked to take on before winter last year because his owners couldn't keep him. He is in the process of being backed and we are aiming for Novice - Elementary level dressage if he hasn't found a wonderful home before then!

Rose, a very small, sensitive 
ex-racehorse who was bought very underweight from the sales but has absolutely bloomed in her time with us and show jumps to discovery level with double clears and wins almost everytime out! We plan to qualify her for second rounds at British Novice level again and head to some of the larger festival shows where we hope to move her up to 1m10cm!

We hope you enjoyed hearing about our 
four-legged friends as much as we enjoy working with them!

Until next time,

Meg and Lauren,
Team Hesteyri!

Hesteyri Horses
Horsemart Brand Ambassador
Published on 2019-01-04