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Equine Disaster Relief Fund: Hurricane Harvey Leaves Horses In Danger

The United States Equestrian Foundation (USEF) is calling upon the general public to protect the lives of horses that have been caught up in the shocking conditions of Storm Harvey. Donating to their Equine Disaster Relief Fund could make a crucial difference.


The worsening floods and unforgiving winds that are sweeping across many of North America's largest southern states have given the hurricane a Category 4 status, endangering the lives of everyone and everything in its path. Whilst the main relief efforts are understandibly focused on the affect this has on the American people, the lives and wellbeing of horses has been overlooked - thousands of horses and their owners are fighting to keep safe and alive. As people are advised to evacuate the affected areas immediately, many horses are forced to face the struggle alone. They are cold, hungry and without care, the risk of injury or worse is massive.


In the areas worst affected by the hurricane, horse lovers have attempted to open up their own shelters as safe haven's for owners and their horses; summoning as many supplies and food as they can to keep the horses away from danger. However, this effort will soon be insufficient. The veterinary care that is required to keep horses alive requires expert care and expensive resources; without external aid many horses will not survive the harsh conditions.


You can follow the latest on Hurricane Harvey via ‘Fox News’’ Twitter feed.


USEF's Disaster Relief Fund provides you with the chance to change the fate of those who are currently helpless. The money that they collect is now essential to ensure the safety and rehabilitation of thousands of horses and the facilities that they use; every donation could save a life. The amount that you donate is completely individual so that you can save a horses life, or an entire centre. USEF state that 'Any donation to the Equine Disaster Relief Fund is a timely and efficient benefit for horses and horse owners'. The money that they collect - distributed upon the approval of USEF president Murray Kessler - will directly equip owners and shelters with the safety equipment, care and food that they require to save many lives.


You can click here to make an important donation.


You can also contact USEF here for more information:

Mark Coley

4047 Iron Works Pkwy

Lexington, KY 40511