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Equestrian charity raises £7k in eBay competition *Warning distressing images*

Equestrian charity "Prince Fluffy Kareem" won £7,000 after topping the leaderboard on the "My Favourite Charity 2016" competition run by eBay.

A charity spokesman gave a "humble thank you" to all those voted for the charity.

'Prince Fluffy Kareem' is run by a small group of people, who dedicate themselves to help the horses who take tourists and locals around the pyramids and nearby deserts.

Many horses they help are severely underweight due to the trek around the desert country, but the UK-registered charity runs clinics with local vets giving horses, camels and donkeys free treatment, while also teaching owners how to provide ongoing care.

Since the uprising in 2011, Egypt has seen a dramatic decline in tourism, and this affects both the horses and the owners who rely on tourists for work.

"Combined with poverty, limited knowledge about equines, widespread equine babesiosis and roughage being expensive in a desert country, the results is that many horses are in desperate need of care, whether that be wound care, pain relief, somewhere comfortable to lie down or i the worst cases, euthanasia." their website explains

Cairo is very densely populated and most working class owners don't have proper boxes or paddocks; horses are usually tied up if not ridden. Fostering provides a welcome relief for both horse and owner.

Click the image below to learn more and support this wonderful charity.

Horsemart recently pledged to help support horse rescue charities, in light of a rise in the mistreatment of horses around the UK. The website now offers free subscriptions to rehome rehabilitated horses so that dedicated charities have the space and resources to help more horses in need.

You can read more about Horsemart's continuous involvement in the welfare on our beloved horses.