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Woman Files For A Divorce After Her Husband Asked Her To Get Rid Of Her Horse

For all horse owners, our fourlegged friends are a huge part of our lives and life without them just wouldn't be the same. Our horses are our friends and a lot of owners see them as one of the family.

One amateur rider called Therese Nery loves her horse so much that she spends almost all of her spare time with him.

For Therese, her husband asking her to get rid of her horse was the final straw in their marriage. Her story is told in these words ‘I chose my horse over my husband’.
There are often many reasons why a married couple would file for a divorce but for Therese, it was because her husband asked her to get rid of her horse.

She said, “As anyone who has survived a failed, long-term relationship knows that there comes a point when even a single thought and claim can put an end to it.”

Therese started riding at the age of 21 and hasn't stopped since. She says her love for her horse is just insatiable. She wanted to learn to ride so badly so as soon as she could afford
riding lessons she began doing what she loved. She then started to save to buy her own horse.

When she finally bought her own horse her boyfriend didn't mind, but when they got married everything changed as the bills started to grow. She loved her horse and didn't intend to give up on her horse or her dreams, but it all came to an end when her husband asked her to get rid of it.

The situation became tense and neither of them could bear it anymore. There was a lack of communication between them so she filed for a divorce as she believed her husband stopped being her life partner but her mare never stopped being her riding partner.

It took some time getting used to after the split but now Therese is living with someone who is supportive of her and considers both of them as part of the family.