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Woman Assaults Teenagers After A Disagreement Over Horse Stool

A group of young riders were out for a hack on Wednesday 5th September when they were allegedly assaulted by a woman, who wasn’t happy about their horse’s stool that they left behind. 

Chloe Dwyer and Amber Morise were part of the group and say they hope that police find the woman responsible for the incident.

In the evening of the 5th September, the two girls were among a group of young riders when one woman spoiled the experience for everyone.

Chloe said she initially became aware that there was a problem when she heard what sounded like a woman shouting coming from behind her.  

“I heard this woman shouting so I asked if she was ok, and she started swearing and telling us we had to pick the horse poo up,”

“I said it’s allowed to be left – it was only a little dropping anyway – but she wouldn’t have it.

“I said to my friend Amber to walk away but the woman grabbed her by the leg and started punching it, then she punched her horse in the face.

“The horse threw his head up and tried to spin away from the woman and as he did, she punched him in the stomach.”

The woman was thought to be in her 50’s or s 60’s carrying a carrier bag which she also used to hit Chloe's horse.

Chloe’s horse tried to move away and the woman continued to shout and swear.

“It was really dangerous; I’m surprised he didn’t kick out,”

“My horse hadn’t been hacked for a while and I could feel his heartbeat, he was that scared. We’re all under 18 too so she’s assaulted a child.”

“It all happened so fast,” Chloe said. “Amber’s got a lot of respect for her elders and the best thing to do was move away from this woman, but we were under a very low bridge and didn’t want to go forward in case the horses were scared and went up, or back towards the woman. She was really loud and aggressive, not what you’d expect from an older woman.”

On their return to the yard, Chloe and Amber noticed that the horses were shaken along with some of the other riders.

“Someone must know this horrible woman.” She added.