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What are the most popular horses of 2017?


In 2017 we’ve had an impressive 353,000 enquiries on horses for sale . Using this data Horsemart have investigated which breeds seem to be the most sought after in the UK as it stands. Here, we have results for the top 6 selling horses of 2017. Through a study of transactions made by our own reports, we’ve been able to identify exactly which horses have proved to be the most popular in 2017…


6 The Welsh Pony

Starting from number six, it’s fair to say that this breed is the most popular among children’s ponies. Compared to last years statistics, the popularity of ‘The Welsh Pony’ has risen, overtaking the Clydesdale breed which was sixth in 2016. ‘The Welsh Pony’ can be divided into four sections. A,B,C and D. According the the Welsh Pony and Cob Society, Welsh Mountain Ponies are thought to have traced from the Celtic Pony and to have inhabited the mountains of Wales for more than a thousand years. Over these years they have endured hardship and frequent persecution. Subsequently these ponies have developed a hardy temperament and an intelligence with a kind but lively nature. This has resulted in The Welsh Pony becoming one of the finest groups for horse breeding.


Average price: £1,500 - £7000

*Did you know…?

The origins of The Welsh Pony go as far back as before the 1600s.


5 Palomino

The Palomino  isn’t an official breed but ‘The Palomino’ can be determined by colour. The variety  arrived in America from Spain and, as with many golden objects, it had alure, desirability and a cachet which only such a striking coat colour can bring. There is no detailed knowledge of the exact origins of this colour although the word is certainly Spanish.  Some people think the term was taken from a pale yellow Spanish grape of the same name. The palominos rare colour makes it a popular showhorse due to its attractive appearance. Check out the British Palomino Society here.



Average Price: £1000 - £4000


*Did you know…?

The word Palomino comes from the Spanish phrase “dovelike”.


4 Shetland


The Shetland pony is one of two native pony breeds that heralds from Scotland, the other being the Highland pony. The Shetland pony as its name suggests, derives from the Shetland Islands. This ‘breed’ is the UK’s smallest breed. It’s mostly used as a riding pony for children due to its size

Average Price: £200 - £1,500

*Did you know…?


In some places, Shetland Ponies are used for junior racing such as The Grand National for children.

3 Connemara

At number three is the connemara. This pony comes from  a remote part of Ireland. The origins of the Connemara are not clear. Some believe that the pony derives from wild native stock crossed with Andalusians that swam ashore from shipwrecked vessels of the Armada.  In 1923 the Connemara Pony Breeders Society was formed, for their preservation and improvement. It was at this point that the practise of crossing the Connemara with other breeds ceased. Connemaras are popular for their fantastic temperament combined with great intelligence and agility. This also makes them a great jumping pony. One could argue that it’s one of the best jumping ponies in the world. Check out the British Connemara Pony Society here.

Average Price: £3000 - £12,000

*Did you know…?


The breed ‘Connemara’ was named after the area in Ireland where it descended from. The area is very isolated with a coastal landscape, rugged terrain with swamps and marshes. The Connemara Pony is believed to have originated from the Celtic Ponies brought to the island.

2 Irish Draught

The Irish Draught Horse has overtaken the Palomino from our 2016 results, now making it the second most enquired horse on our rankings. The Irish Draught as its name suggests, began life as a working horse in Ireland and is their national horse. The average size of the Irish Draught is between 15hh to 16hh. They’re sturdy in build. The breed offers that rare combination of athletic ability and performance whilst maintaining a calm and tractable temperament. The Irish Draught is prolific in show jumping and eventing and as a hunter in pure-bred or part-bred form. Check out the Irish Draught Horse Society here.


Average Price: £3000-£10,000


*Did you know…?


The Irish Draught is the national breed of Ireland and and was originally developed for agricultural use.


1 Cob


Standing at number one is the Cob. This breed has been a consistent winner over the last few years. The word Cob is used to describe in general terms, a small horse with short legs that’s slightly heavy and coarse of build i.e. lacks any Thoroughbred breeding, and with a strong musculature. The English cob is very gentle in temperament  and very obedient in nature. This makes it the perfect beginners horse.


Average Price: £2000 - £6000


*Did you know…?


In order to be classed as a cob, the horse must be taller than the pony height of 14.2hh, but no taller than 15.3hh.



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