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Watch: Amazing Horse saves his partners life as he brings her back from the dead!

This is the heartwarming moment that a loyal shire horse stopped his partner from being put down, as he defied all previous medical revival attempts - using love and resillience to nurse his beloved back to full health. 

The owners of both horses returned to their stables earlier this month to find their female Shire, named Beatrice, collapsed on the floor and on her last legs, as she suffered with colic and severe stomach pain. 60 year old Ms Lipington had tried numerous methods of saving the horse, but after hours of failure, admitted that Beatrice would have ot be put down.

With Shire horses being so heavy and powerful, her condition was only worsening after huge impact upon hitting the ground. Beau, the father of her recent foal could only watch on in sadness as the end was surely near. Beatrice's blood pressure was extremely high and her heart rate was racing to unhealthy levels, and the owners could not lift her or rouse her, depsite the use of winches and other mechanisms. 

It was only when Beau was let out for his morning run-around that he chose to go straight to Beatrice's stable, instead of the fields. The video shows him biting her neck and rubbing her affectionately, that there began to be some life in Beatrice's eyes. With just minutes to go before Ms Lipington was due to send for the vets, Beau's efforts caused her to roll over, and stand up!

From then on, the recovery was very speedy, and Beatrice's condition improved to full health within a matter of days. 

This is an unbelieveable demonstration of the connection horses have between eachother. Be sure to share this video to spread the love!

ou can read the full story here!