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Two Ponies Perform CPR On Owner In Show To Prove Horses Are As Clever As Dogs

Albert and Ernie are two ponies who helped their owner on a quest to prove that horses are as smart as dogs.

The pair performed CPR on their owner who pretended to be injured, carrying out chest compressions and artificial breathing.

The two ponies are pictured carrying their first aid kits and wearing emergency sirens ready for their show.

The video was created by trainer Emma Massingale a 36-year-old from Devon. She persuaded her fiance Jeremy into the sketch to act as the patient for the ponies to carry out their CPR on. She uses word cues to teach the pair the correct actions.

Horse Rescue

Emma claims to be the first British person to have taught horses to respond to voice commands and to have developed a language so that she can now communicate with herds of horses at any time.

Emma said: "I just wanted to show people that ponies and horses can be just as clever and useful as dogs. They can be trained to do incredible things in the same ways that service dogs can and they can carry out all sorts of useful jobs which people might not have considered before. I'm not saying a pony can do actual CPR, but I just wanted to show how intelligent they are in a light-hearted fun way that captures people's attention and imagination.”

“I've had Albert and Ernie for three to four years so the training is ongoing but this particular skill took a few weeks to perfect. The hardest thing was getting them to repeat the sequence - the compressions followed by the breaths - but they picked it up very quickly.

The ponies were happy to play along and enjoyed every minute.”

Horse CPR

There is a similar video posted by Madrid Police of a tiny dog called Poncho who shows off her skills by springing into action when her owner falls to the ground.