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Two Horses And A Koala Become Firm Friends On Aussie Farm

The adorable moment that koala meets horses was captured on camera at an Aussie farm.

The sight was certainly something you don’t see every day so babysitter, Alma Mendo, 35, took out his camera to capture the moment.

The video of the encounter shows the small Koala chilling out in the horse's paddock at Coomera, Queensland. The horses slowly approach the koala, giving him a warm welcome.

How the koala ended up in the horses’ paddock is still unknown, but the small creature wasn’t phased by the horses’ much larger size and didn't appear to be in any distress when the horse approached him for the first time.

The sitter who filmed the three getting acquainted with each other was slightly concerned for the koala’s safety.  

In the video, the horse approaches the koala and sniffs him, letting his curiosity get the better of him. The horse then gives him a gentle nudge as if he was trying to encourage the koala to head back to safety and shelter.

The koala seemed to have already made up his mind about staying and seemed rather content in the horse's company.

The koala sits and continues to interact with the horse before a second horse joins them and greets the new mystery friend.

Alma said “At first I was worried when the horse got close that he might hurt him, but they seemed so friendly. At first, the horse was definitely thinking "who is this little guy in our backyard? But as soon as they came up it was so gentle, the koala even gave him a kiss.”

“I was so lucky I got to see this. This is the true beauty of nature. I still can't believe how wonderful the wildlife is here!”