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Trackener: Revolutionising horse health and welfare with wearable 24/7 monitoring technology


“Monitor health, detect issues, prevent anxiety”


A new product is coming out this summer and might change the game in the equine day-to-day care.

Trackener is a device that monitors a horses’ heart rate, behaviour and activity 24/7 as it is worn in an ergonomically designed horse bib or girth sleeve. Thanks to an easy to use mobile app, owners, trainers and carers can improve horse health and welfare by detecting anxiety and early signs of illness.

The device itself incorporates a heart rate monitor, GPS and mention sensor to monitor the horses’ heart rate, movement and activity.

The data is collected, stored and analysed automatically without any setup or synchronisation required. Thanks to Trackener’s mobile application which is suitable for both Apple and Android devices, owners and carers are alerted to a horse’s problem or abnormality in real time no matter where they are in the world, and are given all the information they need to help their horse avoid future health issues.



The device and companion app provide the horses’ owner or carer with detailed analysis of the horses’ life, 24 hours a day. Data analysis is adapted depending on whether the horse is in the stable, field or being exercised, providing the most useful insights to help horse carers make the best choices for each individual horse. Trackener’s intelligent technology will be able to give accurate alerts and provide the best recommendations based on all the information it gathers from this particular horse, but also using the panel of other horses being monitored and having the same characteristics (age, breed, lifestyle etc).

This allows for early detection of problems as well as giving the owner an insight into their horses’ exercise sessions and general health.

As the only product on the market to monitor, analyse and learn from the horse 24/7, Trackener is the ideal tool whether you are an amateur horse owner, professional rider or racehorse trainer.

We believe that there are many applications for Trackener across all equestrian disciplines, both with amateur riders and professionals. Up until now horse owners have relied on just gut instinct and visual assessment to monitor their horses health, fitness and performance, which is very limited. Trackener is bringing the horse care to the next level thanks to precise data analysis, accessible to anyone.  



As well as a useful tool for horse owners and carers, Trackener can provide veterinarians with on-demand insights into a horses’ health history. This allows for quicker diagnosis and can provide a more tailored treatment. Trackener can alert owners to health problem like colic as early as possible even when no one is around.

Equine veterinarian Nicola Pursey, partner of Farr & Pursey, endorses Trackener and says: 

“Trackener is an exciting innovation that should help owners better understand their horse’s behaviour and health, making it easier to detect problems early on in the course of their condition, thus significantly improving horse welfare”


The company was founded in 2015 by Pauline Issard and Jeremie Charlet, both passionate about technology and improving animal health and welfare.



After developing several prototypes and having seen lots of interest from the equestrian and racing community, they’re currently running a pilot with various users.

The product will be available to pre-order on their website from July onwards.

If you’d like to be among the first to use the Trackener device for your horses, sign up now and receive 30% off your first Trackener device.


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