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Swedish Jockey Helena Stahl Eats Her Competition Horse After It Was Put Down

A Swedish amateur jockey has spoken out and defended her decision to eat her horse after it was euthanized due to severe injury.

The 24-year-old, Helena Stahl used the meat from her horse called Iffy after vets advised her to have the animal put down.

The case caused a lot of controversy on social media as Ms Stahl described her horse Iffy as her ‘very best friend’.

The jockey had decided against
cremating or selling the body for ethical reasons according to the Swedish news site ‘The Local’.

The Jockey competed in harness riding with her horse and wrote about how she had received an enormous amount of backlash from people who called her ‘disgusting’ and ‘callous’. Some of these words even came from her closest friends.

Stahl went on to defend her decision by saying “Maybe it sounds terrible… how can I eat one of my very best friends? Either I ate her up, or the worms did. Do you not understand that this is about something bigger than just myself? Call me gross. You judge me. I haven’t said that you must do as I, but we all have to do something!”

Stahl froze 154kg of her horse's meat and used it to feed friends and family over six months.

One comment on Facebook said that Ms Stahl was ‘weird’ for eating her horse and added: “She should have shown respect and gratitude towards everything the poor horse has done for her.”

Another user said eating the horse was similar to eating one's grandmother.

Others applauded her decision, these included other horse owners.

“A brave and wise decision! If more people thought like you would avoid many horses disgusting, long, anguished transport to the slaughterhouse [sic].”

Another wrote: “It is our responsibility as owners to also take
the heavy decisions. They deserve a dignified end… You know what life it lived, and its personality and soul is not sitting in the meat, I believe.”