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Shire Horse Who Helped Save His Companion’s Life Is Honoured At Animal Hero Awards 2018

A shire horse from Bath received an Animal Hero Award at a star-studded ceremony in London after he helped save his companion who was suffering from colic.

Beau, the shire horse who received the award, showed incredible companionship when he helped his friend up off the ground when she was suffering from equine colic after rescuers had tried for 6 hours.

The awards celebrate the best examples of bravery, dedication
and resilience in the animal world.

The Mirror has come together with other brands such as Webbox and RSPCA to judge the most inspiring animals along with the individuals and teams who have shown outstanding commitment to improving their lives.

Farmers Donald Maclntyre and his wife Jane Lipington, Beau’s owners, were devastated when they found their mare Beatrice prostrate in her stable in Bath, suffering
with severe abdominal pain due to colic.

Beatrice weighed a tonne which made her legs go dead and it was near enough impossible for them to lift her onto her feet. She was at risk of fatal organ failure if she were to stay grounded.  

The pair spent six hours trying to lift their
17 year old mare with additional tools such as tractors and straps but had no success.

By this time Beatrice’s temperature had risen considerable amounts and things weren't looking good. Her heart rate had also dropped and they had spoken to the vet and agreed on a deadline to have her put down.

It got to 20 minutes before the given time, and they let her 12-year-old companion, Beau, in to say his goodbyes. Beau had been watching his friend deteriorate quickly and was refusing to eat.

As soon as Beau saw Beatrice he leaned over the stable door and started nipping at her and getting hold of her halter with his teeth and shaking it. To their surprise, he then lifted her head and helped the weak horse into an upright position with the rescuers assisting.


Jane, 61, said: “It is absolutely astonishing. We were prepared to lose her but Beau knew what to do. They have a close relationship, they are always together and don’t really mix with the other horses.

“As we walked Beatrice round, we called the vet and he was astounded. We are used to seeing extraordinary interactions between the horses but we have never witnessed one save another’s life before. Beau achieved what six hours of human endeavour with straps and machinery had failed to. He managed to lift Beatrice up off the floor which has allowed her to live on."

Beatrice has now made a full recovery with the help of her trusty friend Beau. They have now had their second foal together.