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Riders Go Swimming With Their Four Legged Friends

Riding a horse through the sea is a great experience and one you definitely won’t forget. It’s a perfect bonding activity for you and your horse, especially in the sweltering summer heat.

If it’s something you’ve not experienced before I would highly recommend it, it’s thoroughly enjoyable.

In this video you will see people accompanying their four legged friends while they go for a dip in the sea to cool down.

As well as cooling down these lucky people got to experience what it’s like to swim with horses. It’s such great feeling riding bareback into crystal clear waters in the summertime heat.

When you and your horse are both enjoying yourself there is no better feeling. You are both working together to wade through the water.

Horses Go Swimming

Horse Spirit

All horses can swim without being taught and they love it too, which is even more of a bonus. Horses propel themselves forward by moving their legs as though they are trotting. It’s important that you make sure your horse doesn't go out of its depth as they are unable to hold their breath. If water goes over your horse’s head they will quickly start to drown.

Swimming is a great exercise for your horse that engages all the body’s systems without requiring the limbs to bear any weight, Just like doctors may prescribe swimming as a form of rehabilitation exercise for humans an equine vet may prescribe the same treatment for a horse, this is because horses and humans body structures are very similar.

What the video here of owners taking a summertime splash with their horses!