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Rider Was Told She Was Too Heavy And Needs To Lose Two Stone To Get Back On Board

One rider has almost lost two stone since she was told she could no longer ride as she was too heavy.

The rider claimed that her vet's words where her
motivation, after she was told she was too heavy for her horse.

The rider, Paige Matthews hadn’t realised how much weight she had gained until her horse, which is a Connemara/Arab mare, Dream, went lame.  

Paige didn’t own a pair of scales and was unable to tell the vet her weight when they asked.

She was shocked when she found out that her weight had increased to 12st 7lb, which is an overweight BMI for her height, which is 5’4”.

“It was heartbreaking to be told I shouldn’t be riding her at that weight,”

“I’ve had her 11 years, since I was 10, so of course that’s the reason for some of the weight gain, but of course it was also going out for dinner, takeaways, going on holiday – it was a shock to find out what I weighed; I was a stone heavier than I’d thought.”

The vet explained to Paige that Dream would be better suited to a smaller rider but Paige wasn’t ready to give up on her pony.

She asked the vets what the ideal weight for Dream would be and decided to halt her ridding hobby until she achieved that weight.

Studys show the impact a heavy rider can have on a horse and the results are damaging.

Paige set off on her journey to lose weight by joining Slimming World last autumn and last week met her goal of losing two stone to be able to ride her pony again.

She also said she intends to lose a further stone to meet her target weight.

“I knew I’d be running straight up to the yard and getting back on!”

“I can’t describe the sense of relief at knowing I can get back on and she’ll be happy and healthy. We’ll get back into work together as she’s not fit – she’s been lunged a few times but that’s it – that’s what’s been willing me on to lose weight.”