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Police Riders Educate Drivers On How To Pass Horses Safely

One police force has decided to educate drivers on how to pass horses correctly and safely on the road.

Nottinghamshire police have come together and are now working alongside colleagues from South Yorkshire Police and the British Horse Society (BHS) to educate drivers on how to overtake horses and riders correctly.

Mounted officers took to the road in areas considered to be high risk to observe and monitor the behaviour of the motorist who approached the horses or overtook them.

Drivers that were passing the horses dangerously were stopped by the officers and were informed of the risks of their actions.

The operation took place for two hours, on the 20th December, near Newark. In this time a total of 10 drivers were stopped and spoken to by the officers and also given advice on how to pass horses correctly.

Police had decided to carry out the operation due to a 75% increase in reported incidents involving both horses and motorists in Nottinghamshire last year and across the East Midlands as a whole there was a 14% increase in riders reporting problems on the road.

Nottinghamshire's chief inspector, Louise Clarke, said she was thankful to the officers from South Yorks for helping with the small operation to help tackle the problem and she also highlighted the important work that the BHS is doing to keep the roads safe.

“Horses’ natural instinct is to flee from any potential threat and they can be startled by many things. Unfortunately, the consequences of this can be fatal for both the horse and the rider,” she said. “We’re reminding people to respect their fellow road users – it won’t add much on to your journey to slow down and wait for a safe and appropriate place to overtake.”