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Police Horses Help Find Escapee Budgie In Milton Keynes

A budgie who had escaped its home was rescued after being spotted by two mounted police officers on night patrol with their horses.

They were patroling Fishermead in Milton Keynes when the two horses Odin and Aurora saw Sparky the budgie flapping in a hedge.

The officers and horses were all captured in a picture together following the rescue that was later shared on social media to help find the budgie’s owner.

The officers tweeted that they were "catching not just criminals" and asked for Sparky’s owner to get in touch.

A large number of people shared the post and after a night in a ‘custody’ stable, Sparky the budgie was returned home safely.

Sparky’s owner, Nikki Cross, said about 10 of her birds had escaped from her aviary when a latch was accidentally left open. She owns around 60 birds in total.  

"She must have been out there for about 24 hours in the cold, having made it about three miles from home."

The officers, PCs Tracey Paul and Patrick Frost found sparky on Thursday evening and tweeted: "the budgie was found by Police Horses Odin and Aurora whilst on patrol last night".

Sparky’s owner saw the appeals on social media and said "I was very surprised when I saw the photo of the officer holding Sparky, as she bites like mad, and really isn't a very friendly budgie.

"I was told the horses had found her and she was going to be looked after until I could prove she was mine and collect her."

Sparky spent the night caged in the safe custody of the stables in Milton Keynes station, where officers made her feel right at home by making use of a riding crop and balancing it inside her cage for a perch.