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Owner Visits Horses After Being Apart for a Long Time - Their Reaction Is So Sweet

There’s no better feeling than being reunited with a close family or friend after being apart for so long. Being away from loved ones is hard for anyone. People experience such a rush of emotions, tears of joy and happiness and horses experience the exact same feelings.

One man goes to visit his horses who he hasn’t seen in a very long time and they are a long way from home. He had sent them to a training facility and this is the first time he has seen them since they left. He knew that sending them away would be hard for both the horses and himself but believed it was the best thing to do. He missed them greatly.

horse and man

The horses were in a training facility in Lexington KY, so the man set off on a very long trip to meet his beloved horses. Once the horses realise it's him they trot over and show endless amounts of love and affection towards their owner. This special moment couldn’t be described in words as the man hugged his much-loved companions.

The man reaches for his horse and whispers something in its ear, we can’t make out what was said as the background music fades it out. The horses follow their owner as he walks alongside the fence.

The owner says to one horse, Ava ‘look at you, you’re so big!’ showing just how long they haven’t seen each other for.

Such a sweet moment for the owner and all his beautiful horses to share, take a look at the video below.