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Owner Spreads Warning After Horse Suffers Extreme Heat Stroke

One owner experienced a terrifying episode of her horse having heat stroke. She now wants to raise awareness of the illness so that others know how to treat it.

Jo Linton’s horse, Gwendyame, was showing severe symptoms of colic on Saturday 7th July after jumping one round earlier that morning.

She drunk a bucket of water and had been hosed down before being transported home. She was also hosed down again on her arrival home and put into her stable before Jo realised that something wasn’t right.  

“She was desperate to go down so I walked her round, in the sun, but I didn’t realise she was suffering adverse effects from the heat.”

“It looked like colic but she was standing with her back legs out behind her and I wasn’t sure if she was tying up.”

Jo’s vet Eamon Smyth advised her to keep the hose on Gwen and provided her with electrolytes and medication.

As soon as Jo cooled her down with the hose she stopped trying to go down.

Jo described her ordeal as terrifying and wants to raise awareness as the illness isn’t very common.  The symptoms of colic and heatstroke are very similar so it can be difficult to differentiate between the two.

If your horse is displaying similar symptoms the best thing to do would be to call the vet, alternatively to prevent either, give your horse water with added mint or apple juice to encourage them to drink. Additionally, they should be kept in the shade and hosed down as much as possible.

Electrolytes can also be given to horses to encourage them to drink but if your horse refuses water after they have been given this can make dehydration worse.

For more information on how to check for hydration and how to treat it, click here: https://www.horseclicks.com/horse_advice/how-to-keep-your-horse-cool-and-hydrated-in-the-summer-/290