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Miniature Horses Chase Dog Around Barn

There is nothing more heartwarming than an inter-species friendship that gets on so well and spends their time playing silly games together.

There are a lot of people who are huge fans of the adorable miniature horses which makes this video even better. On top of that we all know that pretty much everyone is a lover of dogs, so what could be better than a game of chase with the two of the nation’s most loved species.

Although the miniature horses are a lot smaller than your average horse they still love to gallop around. We can see this from the way they dart around the barn racing each other, going round and round in circles.

Alicia is the owner of the two miniature horses who befriended a dog in their barn. Alicia shared the video on social media and wrote “When it was too icy for these miniature horses to safely go outside, they stretched their legs by racing a dog around a barn. These little horses seem to love enjoying running around the barn and maybe they consider this as a race between them.”

When the dog decided to join in the little horses’ playtime, the race was on. The dog ran at full speed making the horses run even faster. The dog then stops to let the horses take the lead before chasing after them again.

The video was shared on social media and put lots of smiles on peoples’ faces. Some say this is the cutest animal race they have ever seen.

Watch the video here and share it with your friends…