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Man Has Been Jailed After Keeping Horses In Horrific Conditions

A man from Gravesend has been jailed after keeping his horses in horrific conditions.

John Dunn a 34 year old man from Dering Way failed to appear in court for his trial on Friday 13th July. The court found him guilty and sentenced him to 26 weeks in prison. He was sentenced by District Judge Goldspring.

Dunn kept 13 horses under shocking conditions in a field near Dering Way. He was banned from keeping horses for 10 years.   

RSPCA inspector Rosie Russon said the horses had probably only known a life of misery and sickness.

The field in which the horses were held in was filled with hazardous objects such as barbed wire, plastic bags and netting. There was no grazing for the horses to feed on and the only water sources available were small puddles that were contaminated with horse remains and rubbish.

Horses field


Among the hazards in the field were a large number of horse’s body parts discovered rotting away and a 6ft drop into a manhole that was left uncovered.

remaining body parts


The horses found in the field suffered with internal and external parasites and had poor bodily conditions.

An additional five horses were found locked away in small containers, covered in faeces with no water, food or natural light.

Dunn was found guilty of four animal welfare offenses, which included:


  • Causing unnecessary suffering to three equines by failing to investigate and address the cause of the animals’ poor bodily conditions and weight loss;

  • Failing to meet the welfare needs of 12 equines which were accommodated in a field or other area within it with inadequate grazing and of insufficient size to accommodate the animals without the provision of adequate or suitable shelter and clean dry lying areas, the field containing items hazardous to the animals well being;

  • Failing to meet the welfare needs of 12 equines by not provide the animals with sufficient supplementary feed or constant access to fresh clean drinking water;

  • Failing to meet the needs of 10 equines by not providing adequate parasitic control for internal or external parasites.

There were two other defendants who were found guilty along with Dunn.