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Hunt Monitor Left Seriously Injured By Galloping Horse After Getting Its Head Stuck In A Jump Fence

On the 1st January, a hunt monitor was left seriously injured after he was knocked to the ground by a panicked horse.

The horse was galloping away after it got its head stuck in a wooden jump fence.

The incident took place during the Crawley and Horsham hunt and it is captured on film.

The footage shows the horse attempting to get up whilst completely tangled in the fence as the rider tries to remove it. The rider manages to remove part of the fence before the horse charges off into the distance with parts of the wooden jump still attached to its back.

Horse stuck in wooden jump
West Sussex Hunt

As the horse gallops into the distance pieces of the broken fence start to fall, one large piece collides with a nearby hunt monitor and knocks him to the ground. The horse continues to escape, now free of the broken fence.  

Another lady, accompanying the hunt, runs over to both the rider and hunt monitor to check that they are both OK.

Another clip that was captured minutes after the incident shows the hunt monitor still lying on the ground, unable to get up. A group of men surround him whilst they wait for an ambulance.

Man injured
West Sussex Hunt

One of the group said: 'You know where you dropped us in? The ambulance will have to come there - he's in a bad way. '

The video that has been released on YouTube has been viewed more than 11,000 times and the caption wrote: 'Hunt jumps are a menace to all. While monitoring the Crawley and Horsham hunt, which has a history of illegal hunting, a hunt monitor is severely injured after a horse falls through a wooden jump and runs off with jump attached.

'A rider and horse were also treated for injuries. Hunt jumps are fundamentally flawed with gaps in them, and pose a grave risk to horse and rider.'

Watch the video here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/news/video-1349039/Horrifying-moment-man-eats-live-spider-wooden-plank.html