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Horse Rider Screamed At Driver As He Drove Down Narrow Country Lane

Lynne Hallam was riding her horse alongside her husband when she spotted a car hurtling towards them. When she realised the car wasn’t stopping she began to panic. What happened next was out of her control.

She started to shout in disbelief as the car raced towards them. “Whoah woah woah!”

The driver screeched to a halt after spotting the pair in the road.

As the driver exited the vehicle and tried to apologise, the rider accused him of hitting both her and her horse, along with her husband who was walking beside them.

The video footage shows the car approaching at speed and slamming on the brakes before the horse turns to run in the opposite direction, causing the camera to face into the trees.

As the rider manages to turn her
horse back around, her husband can be seen sitting at the side of the road and appears to be injured.

She shouts at the man saying "You hit me. You've hit my husband. And you're all on bloody camera. So that's it. Police phoned."

The driver continues to apologise, but the couple refuse to accept his explanation. The rider persists in shouting at the driver "Why did you try and kill me? Eh? Why did you try and kill me?"

The driver then tries to explain himself but the rider interrupts: "You didn't make a mistake, you did it on purpose."

The video ends with the rider urgently begging her husband to phone the police.

On social
media there are mixed opinions on who was responsible for the accident. Some say the rider shouldn’t have been in the middle of the road and others believe it was the driver’s fault.

Watch what happened here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mP4YW3HwzRk