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Horse Owners Consider Installing CCTV After Asking The Public To Stop Feeding Their Horses Apples

Two horse riders take action in asking the public to stop feeding their horses fruit, due to the risk of serious health conditions.

Shannon Snow who is aged 15 and Linda Sleczka aged 59 are both urging the public to refrain from feeding their horses apples after they contracted choke, a serious health condition where the oesophagus becomes blocked and the horses are unable to swallow.

The illness is one of the top 10 cases of emergencies received by equine veterinarians. In some serious cases,
choke can lead to aspiration pneumonia or death.

The field in which the horses are kept
have two roadside edges which has become a popular area for horse feeders.

The two owners keep their horses in a shared field and have done for the past 6 months. Throughout the time that their animals have been kept there, they have experienced increasing problems with the public.  

Ms Sleczka said: “The public have been feeding the animals
such large quantities of apples it is becoming a problem. It’s toxic for the animals to eat that much just as it would be toxic to give someone with a peanut allergy peanuts. The horses become so congested they end up choking for ages and everything then becomes quite serious.”

The pair have displayed warning signs asking the public to refrain from feeding the horses, but they have been ignored and the problems have persisted.

Ms Sleczka is now considering installing CCTV as it may be the only way to stop the public from feeding their horses. She says those who choose to feed the horses even leave their rubbish bags lying around.

“The public
think they know more about horses than us and think it’s fine to feed them apples but it’s become a constant battle over the last few years."

Both horse owners have experienced increasingly pricey vet bills due to
choke, caused by the amount of apples the public have been feeding their horses.