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Horse Kept Inside Owner’s House Taken by Council.

A horse who was a resident in its owners living room has officially become council property after inspectors deemed it cruel.

Western Isle council has been involved in a 4 year legal battle over the well being of the Connemara pony, named Grey Lady Too, who was removed from the owners home after it was found living in her lounge.


It all started when owner Stephanie Noble insisted that she had no choice but to offer the horse her own lounge for living space following a dispute with the owner of the land which the mare used to graze on.


She moved the horse into her living room over winter 2012, after adapting her downstairs area, whilst she lived upstairs in the same property. Ms Noble felt sure that Grey Lady Too was the best kept pony in Scotland but her neighbours thought otherwise.


Horse in converted living area

Credit: Mike Merritt


An inspection was undertaken by experts in 2014. Subsequently, the horse was removed from the property in Scotland and re-homed on the Island of Benbecula more than 80 miles from its previous home. This was funded by the council but Ms Noble remained its owner.

“Grey Lady Too was removed by the council in 2014 because of unsuitable stabling arrangements.”

Since the removal of the horse, the authority is thought to have spent roughly £10,000 on the upkeep of the animal, 5 times the amount Ms Noble spent.

In the most recent event, the council has won the right to dispose of the animal by selling it or giving it to charity. Sheriff David Sutherland awarded a disposal order at Stornoway Sheriff Court. Ms Noble no longer lives at the address, but has described the conclusion of the ordeal  as “torture.”

A spokesman for the local charity said: “From the outset, the council’s concern in this matter has been the welfare of the animal and we welcome the court's decision which validates the council’s position and actions.”