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Horse feed: What do you think of the Pure Feed Company's horse feed

Horsemart reader and blogger, Jessica Johnston, gives her thoughts on the Pure Feed Company's range of horse feed.

When it comes to the difficult horse to feed stakes, my horse comes out on top. Being a 20 year old poor doer thoroughbred with leaky gut syndrome, who is also prone to gastric colic, feeding can be an absolute nightmare for me. He struggles to put weight on yet is also very excitable the moment his calorie intake increases.

I had been hearing a lot of buzz about the Pure Feed Company range on the internet and thought I would give it a go. My current feed regime was working out well; my horse hadn’t suffered from a colic bout for a good few months, but he had stopped putting weight on and with the upcoming dressage and show season this is never good news!

So off I popped to the Pure Feed Company website ( to have a nosey. I contacted the Pure Feed team asking for a diet plan for my boy. Within a few days I received a detailed reply back from Anna Pyrah, the company’s nutritionist, who recommended I fed my horse Pure Condition. She was very helpful and was quick to answer my sometimes daft question. I even received a reply at 6am! How is that for commitment to your job?

On first look, feeding 2kg of Pure Condition to a horse of Woody’s size (524kg) did look expensive; the bags are 15kg. However I sat down and worked out the sums and compared to my current regime it saved me £10 a month! The free delivery also helps keep costs down.

My feed arrived within 3 days of ordering and I was given a 25% off code with my diet plan. My horse is extremely fussy to with baited breath I offered him a handful. Thankfully he approved and was pulling his puppy-dog eyes at me in the hope he would be given more!

His bowl is always licked clean now and his muscles feel a lot softer. His stamina has also improved; after 2 weeks off due to lameness I was able to ride him for over an hour without him getting tired. He is starting to put weight on and is also a lot more pleasant to deal with; all great signs that the Pure Condition is keeping his tummy comfortable.

Overall I am really pleased. Even though it isn’t the cheapest, the fact that it is a complete feed keeps costs down and my horse loves it. Two thumbs (and two hooves) up from us!

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