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Girl, 15, Left Seriously Injured After A Horse Kicked Her In The Face.

A teenage girl was admitted to hospital following a frightening ordeal whilst riding her horse.

15 year old Georgia Hull, from Wadebridge in Cornwall, was out riding Star, her 9 year old horse, on April 24th when she was kicked in the face by the horse in front.

The accident left Georgia without 7 of her teeth and a broken jaw. Her mouth had swollen so much that she couldn’t breathe causing surgeons to rush her into theater  and spend 4 hours pinning her jaw back together.

Georgia was knocked unconscious by the horse and shortly after rushed to Derriford hospital by air ambulance.

Julie, Georgia's mother was riding slightly ahead of her daughter on her own horse. She heard the screams coming from behind as the incident took place.

15 year old, Georgia Hull

Cater News

Julie said: ‘We were riding along a track and I was just slightly ahead of her but people on foot saw the horse kick out and Georgia just slide off her pony.’

‘Everyone helped to hold the horses and two girls rode back to get help and others called an ambulance. You could see straight away that her jaw was broken, it almost looked as though it might fall off. She had to spit her teeth out.’

‘She had come round but she was very hysterical, it was horrifying to see her like that.’

After surgery Georgia spent an additional 5 days in hospital recovering. Images show that awful damage caused.

15 year old, Georgia Hull

Carters News

‘She had to have an x-ray to check that she hadn’t swallowed any of her teeth and there was so much blood in her mouth it kept making her sick. It took a couple of days to tell her about her teeth as I knew she would be upset.’

Georgia is now on the mend at home and slowly improving, but has been told she may have to wait until she has finished growing before she can have her teeth fixed.

Her friends raised over £3,000 on a fundraising page to cover the costs of all the dental work that Georgia needs.

Georgia Hull and her horse

Carters News

The teen is determined to ride again but feels a little nervous, especially about riding in groups.