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Facebook enforces ban of the sale of horses on Facebook Marketplace

Looking for somewhere to sell your horse? Facebook has cracked down on the advertising of animals for sale on its platform. It has long been a rule that animal sales are prohibited by Facebook/s Commerce Policies but a recent feature has been added with an option to allow people to report animal sales listed on the Marketplace. Luckily there are several sites available to list horses for sale or loan but for animals like chickens, goats or other livestock the options are more limited.

Facebook are now deleting animal related ads with a particular focus on buying and selling groups who are using the 'sell something' feature. Many individuals, groups or companies who have previosuly used facebook to advertise horses for sale have now found their adverts being removed. In more extreme cases some pages have been completely shut down meaning an alternative solution is an absolute must. 

Those who are using the ‘sell something’ feature to list anything related to animals, animal services and even animal products for sale or adoption are being shown an ‘your item isn’t approved’ sign before their ad is then deleted, making it impossible to sell.

The rule isn’t included in the community guidelines but is hidden in Facebooks Commerce Policy page, which isn’t linked to by any of Facebook’s help pages.


This is now the notice you will be shown if you attempt to post an advertisement to help sell your horse or anything related to the above topics. This example was taken from someone trying to advertise some horse riding lessons.

The new rules enforced mean you are no longer able to sell your horse or anything equine related on Facebook. This has caused shock to some individuals who regularly use this free advertising platofrm to advertise horses for sale either as a business or as an indivdial who needs to rehome their beloved horse. There are positivies and negatives to this form of advertising and it does have it's limitations in the way you can search and the information you can find out. Facebook is an unregulated platform for animal sales so searching for a horse on other platforms like Horsemart is a safer option, espeically if you are a novice equestrian.

Horsemart offers several advertising options for private and trade sellers to a huge audience of equine enthusiasts. You can place a free basic ad or choose from one of our three paid adverts offering different additional features including video, unlimited photos and feature in Horsemart Magazine.

You can sell your horse or anything equine related on Horsemart today, for free!

Horsemart is a safe marketplace where you can follow quick and easy steps to place your ad. We are a site dedicated to horse lovers with over 2 and a half million users in the last year, all browsing your ads.

"Since we have been selling with Horsemart, we have found that selling horses is much easier. We have a business membership which has made a massive difference to views of our adverts and we have sold several horses since the beginning of the year to brilliant homes through Horsemart! We are now thinking of upgrading our membership once again to a gold membership. In light of the recent crack down of the Facebook rules in regards to selling animals, our membership is even more important as it’s one of the few places where trainers or dealers can advertise horses and services with a large audience." - Hesteyri Horses

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Brogan - Horsemart
Horsemart Content Team
Published on 20-05-2019
Brogan is a member of the Horsemart content team, bringing you all the latest news and providing helpful guides and advice.