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Dog Sniffs Out Distressed Horse Stuck In Ditch

A horse that's stuck in a ditch is bound to be distressed when it’s unable to move, but there was a stroke of luck for this horse that was stuck in the marshes as another four-legged friend was able to help.

It really is incredible when you hear about the things that some animals are able to achieve and it’s so heartwarming when you see two different species helping each other out.

A horse was found and lifted to safety after a dog could smell his distress while he was stuck in a ditch in Medway.

The horse was located in the marshes of off Pond Hill in Cliffe by Winnie, a six-year-old Cavachon, who was on a walk with her owner, Kaitlin Parish.

Kaitlin Parish, a 16-year-old girl, was out walking her dog when they made the discovery of the horse. Shortly after finding the horse she called the firefighters to alert them, this was around

The crews arrived with specialist equipment to hoist the distressed horse to safety.

According to Kaitlin, the firefighters lifted the horse to safety within half an hour.

Kaitlin’s mum, Angie Parish said: "It's the first time Winnie's ever done anything like this. Kaitlin's so proud of her and I'm proud of Kaitlin."

The white horse that was stuck in the ditch was described as being distressed until it was pulled out.

The horse was taken away by the RSPCA to looked after until its owners are located.

Four other foals were reported to be loose but not in imminent danger.