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Alabama Veterinary Student Pretended To Rescue Horses And Sold Fifty Of Them To Slaughterhouses In Mexico

A veterinary student, Fallon Blackwood, aged 24, pretended to rescue horses but instead sold them to slaughterhouses in Mexico.

Alabama authorities have arrested Blackwood for selling nearly 50 horses to meat processing plants.

Blackwood was a senior, majoring in veterinary medicine at Tuskegee University. She has been accused of offering owners to re-home their elderly and ill horses but instead of looking after them, sending them to slaughterhouses.

The indictment lists a total of 13 horses taken by Blackwood but Lindsay Rosentrater, who re-homed her loving horse, Willie, with Blackwood back in January 2018, said that nearly 50 horses that are missing have been linked to the veterinary student.

This is not the first time that Blackwood has been arrested. She was also arrested early April on a warrant from North Carolina after she was accused of tricking a man into giving her two horses.

Multiple Facebook users who posted on a page created by Rosentrater, called ‘Finding Willie’, said that Blackwood would respond to ads placed by owners throughout the South looking to sell their horses, saying that while she is unable to afford to buy the animals, she would be willing to house them on her 10 acre farm and care for them.

On multiple occasions, Blackwood claimed to be looking for a retired horse to be a pasture companion for her racing horse.

Many of the owner's reasons for parting with their four-legged friends came down to financial difficulty or failing health that prevented them from caring for their horses.

Rosentrater said Blackwood travelled to her home in Georgia for what she thought was supposed to be an introductory meeting but the student arrived with a horse trailer to take Willie back with her.

Rosentrater has a degree in equestrian studies and agreed to hand over Willie that day on the condition that if it didn’t work out she would take him back. She never saw her horse again.

Rosentrater said she grew suspicious when Blackwood would not respond to her messages and repeated requests for current photos of Willie.

So far there have been 47 identified missing horses belonging to more than 40 owners in six states linked to Blackwood.

Blackwood has been released from the Blount County Jail after posting $15,000 bail and returned to the veterinary school where she is due to graduate in May.

A representative of the university on Wednesday declined to comment on Blackwood's status or the allegations against her, citing federal privacy laws.