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Adorable Curly Haired Horses Look Just Like Labradoodles

Most horses are known for their beautiful appearance, their silky smooth coats and long flowing manes, but there are actually some equally beautiful curly haired horses out there.

Whilst horses with smooth coats do sometimes find themselves with curls when the cold weather sets in there is a particular horse called a North American Curly horse whose curly coat is just breathtaking.

This breed of horse is born with this beautiful curly coat, similar to the locks of a Labradoodle.

Curly horse

Much like the breed of dog, this horse’s coat is highly unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

Betsy Lirakis runs a therapeutic riding program uses curly horses and said: “The coat is curly only in winter, shedding out beautiful and sleek for summer. Some have long thick soft curls, others of the breed grow tight, woolly curls.”

“There are some with a velvety Marcel Wave, and some are born with plain smooth coats that resemble any other breed of horse,” Lirakis added. “But the ‘smooth’ coated curlies are still nonallergenic.”

It is unknown how these horses got their unique curly look.

curly horse

In China, Curly haired horses have been depicted in art, in Russia, a photo of a curly-haired Bashkir circulated in the 1800s and evidence of these unique horses have also been found in different areas of Europe, however, it is still unclear whether these horses were ancestors of the American curly horse.

Theses American curly horses also have a great personality, they are very intelligent and able to pick things up quickly, they are great horses for people with all levels of experience.

These horses are known for being calm with an excitement for life, much like the Labradoodle.

It’s almost like they are related, or at least part Labradoodle.