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8 Reasons Why Having A Horse Improves Your Life



  1. Exercise - All that horsing around keeps you fit!


Riding itself is a form of  isometric exercise, which means it uses specific muscles to stay in certain positions which helps improve core strength and muscle tone. In addition to this, all the other duties that come with owning a horse such as grooming,  mucking out, feeding, raking and pushing wheelbarrows all burn lots of calories and are sure to help you stay active!


2.  They can keep your darkest of secrets!


There is no secret that is as closes as that between a rider and her horse. You know that you can tell you’re horse anything and are guaranteed they won't tell a soul!



3. Enhances vital life skills


Scientific studies have shown that having involvement in horse riding enhances an individual's life skills. Young people who have earnt horsemanship skills have been proven to be better in areas such as decision-making, communication, goal-setting, quick thinking and problem solving.


4. They keep you out of trouble!  


All that time that is spent in the stables means less time is spent for you or your horseriding teenager to get up to no good! In the same way, boredom and people who may be a bad influence are pushed aside because in truth, saving up for that new tack or riding gear is much more of a priority!



5. Immediate happiness


There aren't that many methods as effective as that of a riding session to help boost your mood straight away! Both exercise and spending time with animals are known to increase the levels of  serotonin in your brain, which helps to lift your happiness. If you go into a session feeling down or stressed, you are sure to come out feeling more relaxed.


6) Gives you a social life


Riding is a great way of meeting new people. Friendships and interactions made whilst horse riding can be the best times. The people you meet in the yard will have similar interests, and the same passion you have for horses. That connection builds a strong bond in itself.



7) Builds your immune system


Who knew that all that mucking out can actually help prevent you from getting ill? When you think of it, after spending a day at the stable, let's face it there’s probably a lot hiding under those fingernails, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, hey? Not only does an exposure to dirt help improve the body's immune defences but according to researchers, it also supports a healthy mind and it is said to be as effective as some anti-depressants...We’re not sure about the latter, but then we’re not researchers...


8) Character building


Horses are large and intimidating at first, it takes a lot of confidence to be able to control one and that confidence is earned for the rest of your life. Horse Riding also teaches you to be sensitive, patient, disciplined and most importantly, how to have fun!


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